After watching the lame performance of the New York Guardians, I was looking forward to this game. That went about as far as the kickoff. The DC Defenders were reminded that they were not at Audi field this week. A disappointing crowd of 12k came out to see the LA Wildcats get their first win in what was the most dominating performance by far this year in XFL 2.0. Winston Moss‘s team has responded in back to back weeks since the firing of Pepper Johnson and trading Anthony Johnson.

Quarterback Josh Johnson looked like the QB that we all hoped he be, and the one every team wanted. The Norm Chow Air Raid attack finally showed up. Johnson was 18/25 for 278 yards and three touchdowns. He looked in command the whole game hitting nine different receivers on Sunday. Tre McBride and running back Martez Carter each had two touchdowns and the rout was on. The only question was if you took the over or not yesterday.

On defense the Defenders did rush for over 200 yards, but Cardale Jones only threw for 50 yards and had four interceptions. He was pressured all day and sacked 3 times. This is the type of game you just throw away and start over. The Defenders now go to Tampa Bay to play the late game on Sunday. They will need the rest to fly back east and play a desperate Vipers team, in what is now a big divisional game as the DC defenders are now tied for first with St. Louis.

The Wildcats off their huge win, now fly east to take on a terrible New York Guardians. Winston Moss said in the post-game, he was pleased how Josh Johnson took it upon his shoulders to get this offense going. Winston Moss also said his team is taking on the motto of faith, family, and football. Winston Moss was low profile in his press conference. His tone was no different then the first two weeks. He did indeed express his anger on his defense allowing over 200 yards rushing and a 38-yard run late in the 4th quarter.

Just like that the Wildcats are back in it at 1-2 with many division games left. The DC Defenders look vulnerable as anyone else. The fans of the XFL are no different then the NFL fans. You win a game and we are doing great, and when you lose the season is lost. That is what makes this league awesome. Every game in a 10-week season means something.

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