Why XFL 2.0 Will Succeed

By Matthew Feimer

This weekend is the kickoff of the Xtreme Football League (XFL) 2.0. This version has all the makings of success. Why should we believe a Spring Football League will work this time? Well, there are quite a few reasons to believe that spring football is here to stay!

Leadership this time around is where it needs to be for it to succeed.

This is Vince McMahon’s second second attempt, and he has learned quite a bit about how to do things.. and what not to do. His first big move was to hire a businessman and football man. Enter Oliver Luck as Commissioner of the new league. Oliver Luck’s first hire is coach Bob Stoops, a man who could have coached anywhere he wanted in college or pro. Stoops chose to coach the Renegades. The only way you get men like this to work for you is if you have something to offer, money and a great game plan.

Then the huge TV contract with ESPN/ABC, and Fox Sports puts them on the map. Then came the sponsors and the agreements with FanDuel and DraftKings to satisfy the gamblers and the fantasy football fans. Affordable ticket prices in the lower bowl at stadiums and suddenly, I was a season ticket holder myself. The well thought out team names and uniforms made merchandise was fly off the shelves. They invited their fans to local meet and greets and mini camps. They have been very engaging to the fans. Football fans like me who have felt ignored by the National Football League (NFL) are fleeing to the XFL.

The biggest reason for success is social media. There are many YouTubers with XFL content, as well as Twitter and Facebook Pages and Individual Team Pages.

Commissioner Luck has done many interviews on social media validating the average fan. The outlook is very good. All we need is competitive football and very good quarterback play.

Oliver Luck and McMahon have done everything right. It is now on the players and coaches to make this work. #ForTheLoveOfFootball

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