Who Ya Got? Week 1

Fantasy Football Predictions by Conner Schultz

Green Bay @ Chicago

Over Under 46 (UNDER)

Moneyline (-154 CHC)

Football gets underway in the bright lights as all of America looks forward to this day on their calendar. The old trusty Aaron Rodgers comes into Chicago looking for a win over the new found foes in Chicago. These Bears aren’t the same as the Jay Cutler Bears, it’s now Mitchell Trubisky at the helm calling the shots. Although he hasn’t earned his elite status yet, he has made strides and built up his football resume to impress long awaited Chicago fans. 

Although Aaron Rodgers still has his “magic”, his surrounding cast will have their hands full with this extremely tight defense the Bears love to play. Expect Rodgers to get picked off at least once in this performance as the Bears run the ball on the opposite field. Maybe this game will be a good performance for garbage time touchdowns for Green Bay.


Chicago: Mike Davis (RB), Allen Robinson II (WR), Mitchell Trubisky (QB), Bears Defense/ST.

Green Bay: Jimmy Graham (TE), Aaron Jones (RB), Devante Adams (WR).


Chicago: Taylor Gabriel (WR), Eddy Pineiro (K)

Green Bay: Marquez Valdes-Scantling (WR), Mason Crosby (K)

Titans @ Browns

Over/Under 45 (Over)

Moneyline (-240 CLE)

Baker Mayfield gets to play in the season opener this time around. Titans defense is still one of the top 10 based on names alone. Browns should have a good time moving the ball with Nick Chubb in the backfield against the Titans linemen. Titans will have to pull for extra help to bring Chubb down which might lead to some really good play action catches to Odell Beckham Jr.

For Titans offense they will have to stay clean in the pocket for Mariota to make plays. I don’t see that happening too much allowing for the Browns to pressure him all day into making mistakes or dumping passes off to Derrick Henry. I wouldn’t put all my trust in Derrick Henry (Titans haven’t had a consistent running back since CJ2K) and he should be eased into his role this season. He has had flashes, but this team won’t be a feast for him. If the Titans were smart they would try to take advantage of the evenly matched CB’s.


Cleveland: Baker Mayfield (QB), Nick Chubb (RB), Odell Beckham Jr (WR), David Njoku (TE), Seibert (K).

Tennessee: Corey Davis (WR), Delanie Walker (TE).


Cleveland: Jarvis Landry (WR)

Tennessee: Marcus Mariota (QB), Tajae Sharpe (WR)

Ravens @ Dolphins

Over/Under (38) (OVER)

Moneyline (-290 BAL)

Lamar Jackson is on vacation in sunny Miami when he takes on puzzling Dolphins. Dolphins have made some interesting moves in the offseason which include acquiring QB Ryan “Fitzmagic” Fitzpatrick. On the Dolphins offense side this is really a roll of the dice on what you could get. It’s not seen which Fitzpatrick will show up when game time comes around. One thing is for certain though and that is they will have to put up points against this roving Ravens team. 


Ravens: Ravens Defense/ST, Willie Snead IV (WR), Mark Ingram (RB), Lamar Jackson (QB), Justin Tucker (K)

Dolphins: Sanders (K), Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB), Albert Wilson (WR)


Ravens: None.

Dolphins: Defense/ST, Devante Parker (WR)

Falcons @ Vikings

Over/Under (47.5)

Moneyline (-180 MIN)

Falcons are flying north for their first NFL game this season. They play the Vikings in the very fierce USA Bank Stadium where fans have the infamous “skol” chant. Matt Ryan is dueling Kirk Cousins which should be a very fun matchup to watch. This game has a high potential to become a shootout due to the vertical game that they might rely on. Julio Jones has been a very effective WR but hasn’t found the end zone as much as his other teammates. The doubt stops here as Ryan will have to find him in the endzone. Atlanta’s defense will ultimately let them down in this game as their CB’s are no match for the Viking duo WR’s.


Falcons: Matt Ryan (QB), Julio Jones (WR), Matt Bryant (K)

Vikings: Adam Thielen (WR), Stefon Diggs (WR)


Falcons: Devonta Freeman (RB), Mohamed Sanu (WR), Defense/ST

Vikings: Dalvin Cook (RB), Kirk Cousins (QB)

Bills @ Jets

Over/Under (40)

Moneyline (-160 NYJ)

Bills will get the season started without LeSean McCoy as he was cut from the team. I honestly saw this coming as his numbers were barely productive from a professional football player standpoint. Bills will start a new chapter in their franchise as Josh Allen needs to correct his rookie mistakes. Sam Darnold is trying to get accustomed to his ever changing team and should benefit from Le’veon Bell finally playing a football game since skipping his 2018 season with the Steelers.


Bills: Cole Beasley (WR), Devin Singletary (RB), Hauschka (K), Defense/ST

Jets: Le’Veon Bell (RB), Quincy Enunwa (WR)


Bills: Josh Allen (QB)

Jets: Sam Darnold (QB), Ryan Griffin (TE), Robby Anderson (WR)

Redskins @ Eagles

Over/Under (46)

Moneyline (-420 PHI)

New look Eagles with a “healthy” Carson Wentz under center begin the season at home against NFC East foes in the Redskins. Wentz should be able to handle himself in this opener at home with plenty of yards thrown. Redskins secondary is absolutely garbage and the worst part about their secondary is their safeties. You still can’t count out Adrian Peterson on the Redskins to completely take over this game. 


Redskins: Adrian Peterson (RB), Jordan Reed (TE)

Eagles: Carson Wentz (QB), Alshon Jeffrey (WR), Zach Ertz (TE), Deshaun Jackson (WR)


Redskins: Case Keenum (QB), Defense/ST

Eagles: Darren Sproles (RB)

Rams @ Panthers

Over/Under (50)

Moneyline (-150 LAR)

After a terrible 2018 season the Carolina Panthers look to get a fresh start, but it won’t come easy as they are up against one of the toughest defenses first in the LA Rams. Carolina is looking for someone to step up as the new comers get adjusted to the NFL life. Cam Newton can’t do it all on his own so expect many dump passes to McCaffrey to carry the load. 

For the LA Rams they should have no worries going up against the Panthers CB’s in their always threating wide receivers. Rams should have enough fire deep down inside to overcome their embarrassing and slow Superbowl showing earlier this year. I expect them to come out and stomp the Panthers in a blowout.


Panthers: Christian McCaffrey (RB), Cam Newton (QB)

Rams: Defense/ST, Cooper Kupp (WR), Robert Woods (WR), Jared Goff (QB), Greg Zuerlein (K)


Panthers: Defense/ST, Panthers WR

Rams: Brandin Cooks (WR)

Chiefs @ Jaguars

Over/Under (52)

Moneyline (-210 KC)

Chiefs start their new season in Jacksonville against the new look Jaguars with Nick Foles under center. This one should be a no brainer for the Chiefs to win but Nick Foles has had made miracles happen before. It’s just too early for Nick Foles to make a decent dent in the Chiefs power house offense. Foles has only one advantage, the Chiefs lack defense which could lead to some decent scoring in this game. It could come down to a big duel between the two arms.


Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes (QB), Travis Kelce (TE), Tyreek Hill (WR), Harrison Butker (K)

Jaguars: Nick Foles (QB), Dede Westbrook (WR), Leonard Fornette (RB)


Chiefs: LeSean McCoy (RB), Defense/ST

Jaguars: Defense/ST

Colts @ Chargers

Over/Under (45)

Moneyline (-280)

Well with just a week or so to go before the first NFL regular season game, Andrew Luck called it quits at just 29 years old. This comes after receiving Comeback Player of the Year last year after dealing with many injuries. This is a devastating blow to the Colts offense as they were looking for momentum to get back to form this year. There are many question marks on what will happen to the Colts offense and the usage of receivers. 

Chargers are fine tuning their team on both sides of the ball and look better than last year. This game shouldn’t even be a test for the Chargers as they will likely treat it as a preseason game. One question mark for the Chargers is their star running back Melvin Gordon who is seeking a new contract and threatens to not play until the new contract is completed. If Gordon doesn’t play expect Ekeler to get majority of the snaps and have a decent day as they run out the clock to a victory. 



Colts: Eric Ebron (TE)

Chargers: Phillip Rivers (QB), Keenan Allen (WR), Austin Ekeler (RB), Defense/ST


Colts: Jacoby Brissett (QB), TY Hilton (WR), Devin Funchess (WR), Defense/ST

Chargers: None.

Bengals @ Seahawks

Over/Under (44)

Moneyline (-450 SEA)

There’s many things I can say about the Bengals but being good isn’t one of them. This team consistently struggles on offense and on defense seems gassed most of the time. With injuries to AJ Green it looks less likely that anything good will come from this season. Andy Dalton was pulled midseason last year for his poor performance and the job was given to Jeff Driskell. It’s tough to own any piece of this offense as they continue to go through woes. Joe Mixon is the lone bright spot as he flashes some potential to be a top 10 RB this year even with a subpar line.

Seahawks are often overlooked after the “legion of boom” era is over. Russell Wilson gets his offense rolling with his ability to throw on the run and sometimes take off for some crucial yardage down the stretch. I don’t think there will be much air game as they could just use their ground game to their advantage, letting the Bengals play catch up through the air, forcing mistakes.


Bengals: Joe Mixon (RB)

Seahawks: Russell Wilson (QB), Chris Carson (RB), Tyler Lockett (WR), Defense/ST


Bengals: Andy Dalton (QB), Defense/ST

Seahawks: Ed Dickson (TE)

Giants @ Cowboys

Over/Under (45.5)

Moneyline (-310 DAL)

After trading away their star player, the Giants are put on thin ice as their fans are absolutely frustrated with management. It gets even worse for the Giants as they draft a questionable quarterback to someday take the reigns from Eli Manning who has been atrocious last season. At this point Giants should trade away Barkley for picks so they could do a complete rebuild of their franchise. 

Cowboys have woes on their own as “Zeke” is holding out like Le’veon Bell last season if he does not get a new contract worked out. As of this writing there is still no contract made and this may come back to hurt the Cowboys if they end up losing him this season. If Zeke can’t play it will be interesting to see how rookie Pollard does in this opener.


Giants: Saquon Barkley (RB), Sterling Shepard (WR)

Cowboys: Tony Pollard (RB), Amari Cooper (WR), Brett Maher (K)


Giants: Eli Manning (QB), Defense/ST

Cowboys: Defense/ST

Lions @ Cardinals

Over/Under (47.5)

Moneyline (-140 DET)

Another season, another promising and hoping outing for these two teams. Lions have kept most of their core while the Cardinals have made a huge transition as they have moved on from Josh Rosen and drafted Kyler Murray. Lions see promising potential from Golladay and Kerryon Johnson. 

It’s too early to see how Murray will play out for the Cardinals, you can bet the Lions secondary are licking their lips to get his first interception. For an undersized QB Murray has a lot to prove for the Cardinals so expect some safety targets to Maxx Williams and trusty Fitzgerald. 


Lions: Defense/ST, Matt Stafford (QB), Kenny Golladay (WR), TJ Hockenson (TE), Matt Prater (K)

Cardinals: Maxx Williams (TE), Larry Fitzgerald (WR), Zane Gonzalez (K)


Lions: None.

Cardinals: Kyler Murray (QB), David Johnson (RB), Michael Crabtree (WR)

49ers @ Buccaneers

Over/Under (50)

Moneyline (EVEN)

There are lots of questionable things headed into this matchup Sunday evening. Is Grappollo ready for the NFL season after a miserable preseason? Is Winston ready to overcome his mistakes last season? This game can and should be closer than expected as the line is currently even. I expect a sloppy game from both teams as they get fit for the season. Hold off on any of these QB’s until you can see improvement from past performances.


49ers: George Kittle (TE), Dante Pettis (WR), Robbie Gould (K), Matt Breida (RB)

Bucs: Chris Godwin (WR), Mike Evans (WR), Matt Gay (K)


49ers: Jimmy Garoppollo (QB)

Bucs: Jameis Winston (QB)

Steelers @ Patriots

Over/Under (51)

Moneyline (-250 PAT)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one, Tom Brady is too old to play football, he doesn’t have the same personnel as last year, Gronk is now retired so he’s sure to fail this year. Yeah they’ve all been said before and proven wrong time and time again. Sunday night they have a date in Pittsburgh against the famous rivals in the Steelers. Famously Patriots have dropped a few first games in their past season to wear the “underdog” title for most of the season until the Superbowl. Love him or hate him you really cant count out Brady until he hangs up his jersey for good.

For the Steelers it’s a different story as both of their offensive stars have left (Le’Veon Bell for the Jets and Antonio Brown for the Raiders). Ju Ju Smith-Schuster now takes over as WR1 in their line-up and James Conner in the backfield. Even with the offensive power itll be hard for their defense to stop the train that is the New England Patriots. Tom Brady is out to make a statement at home that he’s still in charge of the NFL.


Steelers: Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster (WR), James Conner (RB), Ben Roethlesburger (QB)

Patriots: Tom Brady (QB), Josh Gordon (WR), Sony Michel (RB), Stephen Gostkowski (K), Defense/ST


Steelers: Defense/ST, Chris Boswell (K)

Patriots: None.

Texans @ Saints

Over/Under (53.5)

Moneyline (-300 NO)

Saints start their revenge season at home against a Texans team without one of their top 5 players on defense due to trade (Clowney). Texans offense took a big hit when Lamar Miller went down with an injury and had to acquire Duke Johnson Jr. Deshaun Watson to Deandre Hopkins connection should thrive in this game as the Saints will be sure to air it out to their receivers. Drew Brees is getting up there in age but he still seems effective in air mailing every game. He was 13th in total yards thrown among QB’s and loves to play the deep ball. This one should be a fun one to watch as Saints should run up the score board. Hold off on Texans defense until we can see how bad Clowney leaving will affect the defense.


Texans: Deandre Hopkins (WR), Duke Johnson Jr. (RB), Kenny Stills (WR)

Saints: Drew Brees (QB), Michael Thomas (WR), Defense/ST, Wil Lutz (K), Alvin Kamara (RB)


Texans: Deshaun Watson (QB), Defense/ST

Saints: None.

Broncos @ Raiders

Over/Under (43)

Moneyline (EVEN)

To wrap up week one in the NFL we have the west coast teams facing off on Monday Night Football. New faces in new places as arguable one of the best wide receivers *might* play week 1 for the Oakland Raiders. Joe Flacco finds a new home in Denver since losing his spot to Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. It will be very hard for the Raiders to get any offense going this game as the Denver defense is still a stout group with Von Miller.


Broncos: Joe Flacco (QB), Emmanuel Sanders (WR), Phillip Lindsey (RB), Defense/ST

Raiders: *Antonio Brown (WR), Daniel Carlson (K)


Broncos: None.

Raiders: Defense/ST, Derek Carr (QB), Josh Jacobs (RB)

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