Very Sturdy Soapbox: Week 2

-Josh Sayers

Well, well, well it’s time to pull the very sturdy soapbox back out.

What a crazy weekend of football we had. Upset was the word of the week in college football. Norte Dame paid Marshall 1.5 million dollars to come into town. Then Notre Dame lost to them. Good job by The Herd. App State showed up again with an upset as well as beating Texas A&M 17-14. App state is for real in these games and they come to play. My question for Texas A&M and Notre Dame is how do you come back from this? Notre Dame is 0-2 for the first time in what seems like forever and now they are saying the starting QB is hurt and may be out for an extended time. This team is in real trouble. 


Purdue won easily against an in state foe. The game was never close and fans started leaving the stands before the end of the 1st quarter. It was good to see the Gold and Black come out hard and tough after that tough loss last week against Penn State. Indiana beat Idaho to improve to 2-0. I’m honestly surprised they won this game. Ohio State won again as well. Wisconsin got up ended by Washington State. Washington state!!! Are you kidding me?! Absolutely crazy. It seems like many teams this weekend has looked past their opponents. It’s a good reminder that every game is important. 


Now let’s talk about that Alabama-Texas game shall we? Give me a moment while I readjust my soapbox. I’m going to go a little Dennis Greene here. Texas had Alabama right where we all wanted them to be and Texas “Let them off the hook.” Let me be clear here Alabama did not win this game. Texas lost this game and Alabama escaped. Alabama played an absolutely horrible game. Alabama had 15 penalties for 100 yards. 100 yards!!! They gave up a football field in penalties. In his post game interview Nick Saban even mentioned that they were very fortunate to have won the game. That’s an understatement coach. The one interesting star about this game is that there were zero turnovers by either team. So Bama marches on and are now 2-0. Still have to beat the GOAT if you don’t want them in the championship. 


Week one of the NFL was this week, and my Bears played through a monsoon and beat the Niners at home 19-10. It feels great to have a W at the beginning of the year. Bears are very fortunate to have even been in this game. The 1st half was horrible offensively for the Bears. The defense kept them in this game throughout. Go Bears!! The dreaded Packers lost, and their offense looked absolutely horrible. It looked like they had no cohesiveness on that side of the ball as well. I wasn’t surprised by the Packers defense honestly. Other than they left Justin Jefferson wide open all game. Not sure how they didn’t get the memo that Jefferson is pretty good. After the game Rodgers threw his young receivers under the bus and put them on notice, that there is some patience but it’s going to wear thin quickly as the season goes on. He no doubt was speaking directly to rookie wideout Watson who dropped a wide open TD pass early in the game. I have a feeling it is going to be a very long frustrating season for the Packers offense. The Dolphins won week one as well and they didn’t just win. They looked really good in the win. I truly believe the Dolphins are going to have a great season this year. The long shot for league MVP this year in my mind is Tua. He went 23-33 for 270 in this week one game against the Patriots. I know it’s week 1, but my knee jerk reaction is he will have a MVP caliber year. With that I’m packing up the soapbox for this week. I leave you with these picks for next week. 


Bears 24 – Packers 17 

Purdue 42 – Syracuse 31

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