Week two is now in the books the questions about the league for the most part has been answered. The focus is now on the players and coaches. So what were the top five headlines about week two in the XFL? And how does this effect week three?

The first thing is attendance jumped 10% thanks to the great opening day crowd in Seattle with almost 30k. Houston held steady at 17k and DC and LA did 15k. There was a ratings drop this week but they were still strong overall. SEATTLE/TACOMA had a 7.6 rating. And here in New York the Guardians did better then all 3 hockey teams and both basketball teams. And with Seattle at home again this week and the Sellout in St.Louis the attendance looks like will do better. Hopefully the ratings remain steady. The Fox networks and ESPN continue to do a great job covering the XFL and the access is awesome.

The second thing is faster paced games and games ending quicker does not mean higher scoring games. The games in week two did end faster. Three of the four games ended under in three hours. They even had enough time for a mini post game interviews. Having less commercials is great and the games do not overlap is a great thing. We do not need this league to be the Pro football version of the Big 12 conference. People like defense and hard hitting. More importantly the games are close. 

The third thing is welcome back Josh Johnson and Landry Jones. Both Dallas and LA missed them very much. Footballs fans missed them very much. Both LA and Dallas offenses improved this week. The first half was a defensive show and they both showed they had rust. The second half was more offense and very entertaining. And as a a football fan I enjoyed this game. Does not matter what kind of football you like. Good quarterback play is a must. 

The fourth thing is the odds makers are wrong. The Tampa Bay Vipers came in as the league favorite . The were a road favorite two weeks in a row. They won almost every statistical category you can imagine. They also managed to lose both games and somehow not manage to score an offensive touchdown. Not sure if this has ever been done before? Now they are a home underdog in their home opener at Raymond James stadium. They lose this game and go 0-3 they may be out of the playoff hunt before it begins. 

The fifth thing of the weekend was the Matt McGloin meltdown. Mcgloin looked and sounded as unprofessional as one can be. Now I’m sure things have been said like this before. The only difference is Matt McGloin got caught saying it. Commentator Joey Galloway did say this is said on multiple occasions but if Matt McGloin knew he was mic’d up, he should have been smarter. The halftime interview was even worse. He knew he was on camera and threw his coaches under the bus. I still like having the all access. It makes the game great. 

So there is your top five headlines for week two of the XFL. The league leaves me wanting the week to fly by to see more football. Love having the sport year round!

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