We are already 1/3 through the XFL season. Things are looking good if you ask me. We are seeing all kinds of football like we do in the NFL or CFL. So, what were the top stories coming out of week three of the XFL?

Number one: The attendance had another increase this week. Just over 82k came out to see the teams play. That is an increase of 5k fans from last week. They also say 15k were turned away in St. Louis. If only they had known the upper Bowl would have been opened. There is now talks of opening the upper bowl for the third home game. As far as the ratings go, there was a 10% drop, but they are still 40% higher than week three of the AAF last year. They also still did better than other sports. Do not forget you can also see games on the apps which is less traceable then the Nielson ratings. With the popularity of gambling and fantasy football online, good chance more people are watching than the haters want to admit.

Number two: The offenses are catching up to the defenses. Teams like the Wildcats, Guardians, and Vipers who run complex offenses all looked better this week. Well the Vipers and Wildcats at least looked very much improved. I believe we will see the gap begin to narrow more moving forward.

Number three: The talent gap is still even. We had phase drafting to make sure we had parity. And for the most part we do. The only difference between Houston and the rest of the league is they have P.J. Walker and the other 7 teams do not. Houston is just doing a better job of executing. Houston could have lost the last two weeks. But Houston has Walker and they are making teams pay for their mistakes mainly on turnovers. We just saw road favorite DC get clobbered by a winless Los Angeles team. So just do not accept one team being better than the other just yet. This is a game about matchups and injuries can happen to any team.

Number four: The awesome crowd in St. Louis. I was mad they did not open the upper bowl; they could have had 45k instead of 30K in the Battle Dome. I get why they didn’t do it. There is now talk of opening the upper Bowl for home game three against Los Angeles Wildcats. Watching that game reminded me of how great and hungry those fans are. Just like we saw last year in San Antonio with the Commanders.

Number five: Things are terrible in New York right now. Nothing is going right on offense, defense, and this week we saw the special teams break down on a kickoff return and a punt block. If McGloin has bad ribs, please start either Luis Perez or Marquise Williams. They are still missing two top receivers on injured reserve and desperately need better offensive line play. To Gilbride’s credit he is keeping many things silent. Which is a good thing with the all the access the networks are giving. There must be some privacy for these teams.

So those are the top five headlines in my humble opinion. What is your opinion? I love to know what you think. Here is a link to my latest you tube video if you like. Enjoy!

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