By Matthew Feimer

We are 25 hours away from the inaugural kickoff of the XFL Part Deux. I can honestly say this version of the XFL will blow away what we saw in 2001.

The quality of football will be much better this time around. It will also focus on football, and none of the gimmicks we do not want.

So, what are the top five story lines heading into tomorrow?

1- Will Vince McMahon deliver on what he promised? He took an extra year to do this right and has invested enough money to finance it for three years.

2- How intelligent is Oliver Luck? Everywhere Oliver Luck has gone he has delivered success. This is his first time starting a league from scratch. He has been a great face for the new league


3- How much talent is out there? We have eight very experienced coaches, with had a full minicamp, training camp, scrimmages and two weeks to prepare for Week 1.

4- How will the new rule changes change the strategy of the game? Punt, kickoffs, and overtimes just got more exciting.


5- How will the Quarterback play be? Al Davis told the USFL if you have good quarterbacking, you can compete. All eight starting QB’s all bring a unique story and skill set. This will be very vital.

Oliver Luck has masterfully marketed this league very well. Now, the focus shifts to the players and coaches.

If the games are fast paced and competitive, we will have something special to build on. The die-hards, like me, are ready and can’t wait.

We need to get those people that are on the fence fully on board.

Let the fun begin. We do know, unlike the AAF, we are getting a full season. #ForTheLoveOfFootball

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