By Matthew Feimer

The road to the XFL CHAMPIONS now has a home. It is Houston, Texas and TDECU Stadium. The official announcement came from XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck with Harris County officials, and the game will be called, drum roll please…….. THE XFL CHAMPIONSHIP. I’m glad they just kept it simple. Just another way how the XFL is all about football and no gimmicks. The game will happen on Sunday April 26,2020 at 3pm ET.

I was hoping the game would give the team with the best record the home field advantage. If you think that is unfair, well I disagree with you. If this league had 32 teams, I would agree with you. When you only have 8 teams and they all play each other, I think it is legit. If the two divisions have the same record the head to head would be the tie breaker. It would make the cross division games mean that much more and bring attendance up and increase viewership, in my honest opinion.

Photo Credit: XFL

The other thing is in a new league where revenue and viewership is so important, the game would have a better chance to sell out, look good on TV and create a better atmosphere. My worst fear is to have the two semi final games outdraw and have a better atmosphere then the XFL Championship game, which would make the league look bad in my view. Some of those classic National Football League Championship games were at a home stadium. “The Greatest Game Ever Played” had the Baltimore Colts beat the New York Giants at Yankee stadium in the 1958 NFL Championship.

I think being fair in this case is not beneficial to the league. I hope they prove me wrong and it is indeed a sellout. Even though I love my New York Guardians, I will be rooting for the Houston Roughnecks to win the west. Not because I’m a fan of Houston, but I want this league to survive and do great, and he best way to ensure a sellout is to see the Roughnecks make it to the championship game. We don’t need them to win it, just get there. The way they looked week one against the Wildcats, that is most definitely possible.

I can’t help but to think the fact that Houston hosted all teams for training camp that this was not part of the deal? League Commissioner Oliver Luck also played for the Houston Oilers as Archie Manning’s backup. He was also the General Manager of the Houston Dynamo of Major League Soccer. Or was it all his connections with Houston that financially gave the league the best deal? Either way I am excited for the whole season. The only question that remains is, what will the XFL Championship Trophy look like and be called?

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