Last week we saw Wildcats head coach have a mini meltdown in his press conference. He threw many people under the bus. Followed up by Pepper Johnson getting fired and Anthony Johnson getting traded. We still don’t know the whole story. You can at least say they kept most of the dirty laundry inside.

What we saw in DC last Saturday from New York Guardians quarterback Matt McGloin, will make us forget what happened with Winston Moss. A halftime interview with Dianna Russini , McGloin said the whole game plan needs to be different. Even Steve Levy and Greg McElroy could not believe what he said. He was then caught saying on the sideline that he’d never been part of something this bad before. He also stated, there is much going on behind closed doors. Then after the game, stated we did not ask for this all access.

After week one Matt McGloin said he never had more fun playing football and gave the game ball to Kevin Gilbride. What a difference a week makes. Matt McGloin is acting like a typical football fan. When we win, we are the greatest. When we lose, it is all going bad. McGloin embarrassed himself. If he wanted a second shot at the NFL, this hurts his chances big time. The good news is he has eight weeks to make us forget what happened.

Matt McGloin’s saving grace is he is playing in a new league. If he had done this as a Jets or Giants quarterback, he be looking for a new job. Now Kevin Gilbride handled it in the locker room on tv with class. He could have thrown McGloin under the bus, but he didn’t. He just said when doing interviews to speak on your behalf only. I would suggest McGloin follow Kevin Gilbride’s lead on this. Gilbride has two Super Bowl rings and if McGloin wants to be part of something special, be a leader, and start taking blame. He is missing two of his linemen and two receivers. His performance was awful. He missed five open receivers, overthrew three and under threw more. Add in an intentional grounding and pick six and it was a 27-0 loss.

As far as the all access goes, McGloin is right. The players never asked for all access, the fans did! McGloin should take a page from Andy Pettitte’s book and admit fault here. Do not complain about all access when you did it on purpose on a halftime camera interview with Dianna Russini. It does not get any easier for McGloin. He has a road game in a soldout St.Louis, will he complain about the noise next? Maybe there is a reason why Luis Perez was brought here from Los Angeles?

It’s gut check time this week for the Guardians. Hopefully McGloin behind closed doors made amends and will lead the Guardians to a better performances. He should then say in his first interview before the game, how he screwed up. If it’s a repeat performance like DC, he needs to be benched. Fans like me will be there on February 29 against LA calling for a change.

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