The Daily Dose: 8/22/22

-John Turner

Happy Monday again folks. We are inching closer and closer to week 1 in college football, week 1 in the NFL, and the push to the playoffs in Major League Baseball. New York Giants first round pass rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux suffered a sprained MCL this weekend from a cut block by Thaddeus Moss. He will likely miss close to a month if all is well for the most part. Don’t look now but my argument for getting rid of all or most of the preseason is making more sense by the day. Baker Mayfield must’ve upgraded with State Farm as he has been anointed the starter in Carolina. NFL teams need to get down to 80 player by tomorrow so the second wave of cuts is upon us.


Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy want to add stadium events to the PGA Tour to help combat the LIV Golf movement. Essentially they want to plat Top Golf in from of paying fans during the slow part of the PGA calendar. Honestly a short Pop Stroke tour would be pretty cool too now that I think about it. The Washington Nationals ended up splitting the four game series with the Sand Diego Padres. Over the weekend they’d drop back to back 2-1 games. The Houston Astros appear to be pulling away with the American League number one seed, now four games over the Yankees. As good as the Mets have been, the Dodgers have been even better in the National league sitting currently with a league bets 84 wins. St Louis Cardinals are now winners of seven straight. Australian Rules playoffs start next Thursday.


House of the Dragon S1E1 came and went last night. A mixed bad in my opinion as it’s always difficult to see the long con on a show within the GoT universe. The long awaited spin-off of arguably the most successful show of all time debut and has thus far received much fan fare. We meet some familiar names of prestigious houses in the Targaryens, Lannisters, Baratheons, Arryns, and Starks. We also got a few new to TV properties that have only been thus far mentioned in the books in House Strong, Darklyn, Hightower, Velaryon, Westerling, and Breesbury. Of course right off the bat we are greeted by a big fucking dragon and who is likely to be the main star of the show in Rhaenyra Targaryen. Great to see King’s Landing and hear the music again, that’s for sure.


As a guy who read all the books that were available before Game of Thrones came out and being a huge fan of the genre, obviously my expectations are very high. That said at first glance the show looks like it will be slow paced as to milk it for every penny in hopes to get multiple seasons out of it. From what I understand there are or were multiple spin-offs in various levels of production with only one other at the moment confirmed, which will be a continuation of Jon Snow’s character set after the conclusion of Game of Thrones.


I think a few ideas I would put forth if I were the Kevin Fegie of the GoT Universe would be an anthology series that bounces around different timelines revolving around The Nights’ Watch. I’d also be interested in a show that maybe only was planned for two or three seasons giving us Robert’s Rebellion. How about one showing us the early days of The White Walkers and the origin story of? Lastly there’s a few I’d put together from Essos as well. The founding of Braavos and The House of Black and White. The tales of Slavers’ Bay could be interesting. Lastly we didn’t get much from the books or the show, but I’d like to see Qarth again.


One final episode to go for Animal Kingdom. Looks like J is attempting to run off with everything instead of splitting it with the Cody brothers, can’t see that going very well for him. Surely nothing could go wrong while attempting to break Pope out during prison transport right? I’m having a hard time seeing a happy ending for any of these characters and I’m not exactly sure how all these flashbacks with young Smurf and company are going to fit into the final scenes. Be that as it may, it’s been a fun show for six seasons and next week will be the finale.



Richard The III is killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.


In 1902 Cadillac was founded.


Althea Gibson becomes the first African American of the US Tennis Tour in 1950.


Nolan Ryan gets strikeout 5000 in 1989 against Ricky Henderson.



John Lee Hooker


Chuck Brown


Carl Yastrzemski


Bill Parcells


David Chase


Paul Molitor


Stevie Ray


James DeBarge




Jahri Evans


The Usos


Randall Cobb



Bill Parcells was an assistant coach for Bobby Knight’s basketball team at Army in the late 60s.


“Potential means you haven’t done anything yet.” – Bill Parcells


Enjoy the rest of you Monday folks! Toodaloo!!! It’s A Football World, we’re all just passing through!

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