The Daily Dose: 8/18/22

Goooooooood morning AFW! Happy Throw Back Thursday! Don’t look now but executives in the College Football ranks are discussing having the top tier of the sport separated from the field. I’ll have more about this later, but this shouldn’t come as a big surprise as it’s something we’ve been predicting at AFW for quite some time. For now I’ll just say there’s good, bad, ugly, and beautiful that can come out of the possibility.


Derwin James became the highest paid safety in football yesterday inking a four year $76.4M deal. Of the 65 regular season games he’s been in the league for and eligible to play, he’s missed 29 of them due to injuries. Good luck to both parties moving forward. Aaron Rodgers called out his receivers yesterday for route running miscues and drops. Naturally social media heads came to their rescue, because Rodgers is easy to poke fun at the last few years. The reality is that he has a Lombardi and four MVPs under his belt and consistently makes receivers look great in route to another contract. Without him they’re pedestrian at best.


Lebron James has re signed with the Lakers for $97M over the next two years. That’s an average of just a tad over $48M a year. The entire WNBA pool of players adds up to $16M per. If you’re using your math correctly, LeBron is making three times what the entire WNBA league is making each season. I’m not saying he doesn’t bring that type of value to the league and or the Lakers. I’m saying we have worse than a snowball’s chance in hell of seeing WNBA players salaries increase to a level any where near what they are likely hoping for. It’s a hard reality, but reality nonetheless.


Washington Nationals drop 3/4 to the Cubs this week. Down the stretch the took one to 11 innings and lost late last night 3-2 after a good start from Abbott. The bats just weren’t able to make the best of their plate appearances. The promising end of the lineup in Lane Thomas, CJ Abrams, and Kiebert Ruiz went 3/10. They get the Padres again starting with tonight in San Diego.



In 1227 perhaps the most future altering and feared conquerer of all time passed away in Genghis Khan. His burial site was never made public, and to this day has never been discovered…


The 19th amendment was ratified in 1920 allowing most women to not. I say most because this naturally did not include black women. It would be a little over 40 years before they could get their chance. As we know in America, progress is slow.


In 1991 Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev is placed under house arrest during a coup by high-ranking members of his own government, military and police forces. For some reason I just don’t see this happening to Putin.


Larry Bird retire after a Hall of Fame career in 1992.



Roberto Clemente


Gail Fisher


Robert Redford

Patrick Swayze


Denis Leary


Kenny Walker… with the serious high top fade too.


Edward Norton


Andy Samberg


Bart Scott


Jeremy Shockey

ProFootballHistory:Saved By the Bell


“Saved By The Bell” was originally on the Disney channel called “Miss Bliss” and was cancelled after the first season. NBC picked up the show and changed not only the location of the school but shifted the show’s focus from being about the teacher, but about the students. The rest is history.



“We’re going to turn this team around, 360 degrees.” -Jason Kidd on being drafted by the Dallas Mavericks

Jason Kidd

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