The Daily Dose: 8/16/22

-John Turner

Nats pick up a curly W last night in a 5-4 win over the cubs. They’re 3-3 in their last six games, and as we come down the stretch I think we should be seeing a lot more of the farm system being called up. They have a bunch of 30 somethings with deals that expire at the end of the year, so one would think it’s time to explore the future considering they’re 39 games short of .500. Wayne Gretzky is being sued over weight loss gum. Between that, his daughter showing the goods on social media, and The Great 8 poised to take down the all time goals record… it’s a rough start to the decade for him.

Federal Baseball

I was in an offline conversation about how it’s possible the WNBA is still in business considering they lose about $10M a year league wide. I mentioned that they are owned by the NBA proper and that those losses serve as a small tax write off for them. Evidently the WNBA accounts for .25% of the NBA’s revenue so they are happy to continue keeping the league afloat. It would actually hurt NBA owners more if the WNBA started actually making money as they would have less losses to write off. Not sure what the the solution is but I see ESPN is trying hard to promote the league more since the Brittney Griner story unfolded.


Think the PGA isn’t a little worried about LIV Golf? Think again. Tiger Woods is scheduled to meet several PGA players today as a rallying point to unite againts LIV in Wilmington, DE at the BMW Championship. Tiger hasn’t been his dominant self in a very long time, but there’s hardly anyone else I would anoint as the ambassador for the tour, and the voice of unity than Woods. Of course Tiger doesn’t need the money from LIV as he is likely the all time revenue generating golfer ever, if not close to it.


LSU senior quarterback Myles Brennan has decided to retire from football. He’s suffered injuries the last couple seasons and although there’s a chance he pops up in a spring league, his time has come to an end with the Tigers. The clock on Daniel Jones is ticking in New York, Mayfield seems to have a slight edge on the QB1 job in Carolina, still a horse race in Seattle between Drew Locke and Geno Smith, and rookie Kenny Pickett looks to have the upper hand in Pittsburgh. XFL scheduled to draft on November 16th.


WARNING SPOILERS: Ok, I’ll say it. I’m very disappointed in the finale of Better Call Saul. Sure, they gave us a little redemption for all of his previous mischief but that’s not how I would have wrote the ending. I do understand that most long running shows rarely have a great ending, but this one seemed way out of character. If I ran the world Saul takes the drastically reduced offer and we see him not only running the kitchen in prison, but helping convicts through the retrial process by examining cases and building their defenses. In my opinion that’s a much happier ending than him all the sudden getting caught up in his feels.



In 1863 The Dominican Restoration War began to fend off the recolonization of Spaniards.


The first issue of Sports Illustrated was published today in 1954.


Today in 1948 we lost Babe Ruth, and then in 1977 Elvis Presley as well.


In 2009 Usain Bolt sets a new 100 meter dash record at 9.69.



James “JT” Taylor


James Cameron




Christian Okoye


Steve Carell

Taika Waititi


Cameron Monaghan



Nintendo was a playing card company from 1889 to 1956. They still host a Bridge Tournament in Japan called The Nintendo Cup.



“Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital dying of nothing.” -Redd Fox

That’s all for this morning. Do enjoy your Tuesday. If you’re good boys and girls I just might show you tonights dinner tomorrow, Sancocho Dominicano. It’s A Football World, we’re all just passing through.

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