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Well, well, well… Back by no particular demand at all… But back nonetheless. Useless information about what happened, what’s happening, and what’s going to happen. You know the drill. Yes, it’s been quite a while, but I hope all of you out there remember how to read, because I barely remember how to write. Much has transpired since my last entry and I won’t bother attempting to cover it all. For now, let’s focus on lately…

Live Akhbar

One more episode to go for Better Call Saul. Last week’s was cray cray and this finale Sunday will conclude the Breaking Bad saga. I’ll have my final season review on Monday. Good Lord Almighty, the season finale of For All Mankind was nothing short of perfect. I’ll have that review later as most won’t watch it until tonight. In my opinion it’s currently the best show on TV and there’s actually some pretty decent stuff on right now… I’ll make a list this weekend!!! Another one I can break down is Prey. Yep, the long awaited, newest installment of The Predator series did not disappoint, but where does it rank among the rest?

Daily Mail

Not sure if anyone one heard but it looks like The Goat, Tom Brady will be out for a couple of weeks for personal reasons. I got so many notifications about it yesterday I almost thought he was assassinated. I know sports media heads have to feel really important and generate as many clicks as possible as they attempt to break news, but after the 500th personality breaks the same story, what exactly are they really breaking?

common sense media

I broke a story once and this it’s true if you can believe it, I’m the guy who first publicly came out and said Deshaun Watson was in trouble for some sort of sexually natured crime… and I was crushed for it. Some said, “how dare you?!?!?!”, others asked where my source was(unfortunately he is deceased now… Rest In Peace Alex Fleming), some went as far as to unfriend and block me on fucking Facebook over it(hahahahahaha). I eventually took the post down but before I did I told everyone that by this time tomorrow or the next day this was going to be a big F’ing deal… well… Anyways, I learned that evening that breaking news when you aren’t in the cool kids club isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Oh well. Here’s to Tom and his swift return. Although if I was a betting man, I’d say the guy is dealing with a coaching staff he now fully controls at age 45, and doesn’t enjoy that Florida humidity as much as he would’ve 20+ years ago. So he’s checked out until he feels like returning… just my two cents.

Good Housekeeping

Major League Baseball brought it all back home last night with The Field of Dreams Game in in Dyersville, Iowa. Cubs topped the Reds 4-2 decked out in retro gear for the annual classic. The results of the game wasn’t nearly as significant as the nostalgia. The late Ray Liotta was given tribute by Kevin Costner. Ray played Shoeless Joe Jackson in the movie and of course Costner was the lead in the movie. Between that, the mic’d up sessions, the gluttony of Hall of Famers, the intimate crowd of only 10,000, and the Griffeys starting it off with “having a catch”, the only things that were missing was Charlie Hustle and James Earl Jones.


That atmosphere is indeed tough to beat in professional sports. I asked last night if there was anything the NFL or NBA could do to match that nostalgia. I have a few ideas of course, but I’ll save those for another post at another time. The NHL has the Winter Classics aka Outdoor Games, and they do great every year. Currently they have two scheduled for the 2022/2023 season. The MLS and Liga MX have had a crossover All Star Game the last two years that has been well received, and are likely to build off of it. MLS beat Liga MX 2-1 on Wednesday night at Allianz Field. MLS commissioner Don Garber hasn’t yet confirmed whether they will play again in 2023, but I’m sure if there’s money to be made, he’ll be all in like Doyle Brunson with 10,2 off suit.


Brittney Griner is still in the ice box somewhere in Russia. Talks are ongoing between America and the Hammer and Sickle as far as prisoner swaps are concerned… allegedly. Also in other sports it looks like LIV Golf just made a big splash in the land down under signing the #2 and #53 ranked golfers in the world to defect from the PGA Tour. Cameron Smith is taking his voluptuous mullet to the big money and he’s taking fellow Aussie Marc Leischman with him. I’ll be honest, I don’t watch much golf, but this new league has created an intriguing rivalry of sorts that has me paying closer attention. Serena Williams announced her retirement this week. It’s hard to think of a more dominant player of an era than she/her. When legends like her decide it’s time to hang em up, it makes me feel just a little older every time. On one hand I applaud the career and success within it, and on the other, I realize I’ve just witnessed another GOAT play their entire career right before my eyes.

As for football, you know, since this is AFW and all… Watson is looking to get 8 games from the league and is said to be accepting of it. Rumor has it the Browns may go and get Jimmy G for the interim to hold down the fort with Jacoby Brissett until Watson is able to return. Word is he may play this weekend in the preseason too. Mr. Skittles, Marshawn Lynch was arrested for suspicion of DUI this week. If found guilty maybe he’ll finally get around to getting that fine. Mekhi Becton will miss a second straight year with a knee injury(same knee), and if I were a betting man, I’d say that’s a wrap for his career. I love my DMV area players but Father Time remains undefeated.


Speaking of DMV… Athlonsports has Navy at 102, JMU at 98, Old Dominion at 95, Liberty at 73, Army at 70, Virginia at 63, Virginia Tech at 62, The University of Maryland at College Park, Fear the Turtle comes in at 58, and Air Force at 37. I will be tracking my DMV and Academy squads all year long as a part of my alternate universe’s newly formed Big East. Pitt, WVU, Houston, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, USC, Michigan, Rutgers, UConn, Buffalo, Syracuse, Delaware, Towson State, Bowie State, Villanova, Howard, Hampton, Jackson State, and NDSU, etc are few others I’ll be keeping tabs on as well.

The Athletic

Lastly how could I forget my Spring and Summer children of football? More to come from the CFL and AFL(Australian Rules Football). Bombers just dropped their first of the year to Ottawa. The Geelong Cats are at the top of the ladder with just two weeks left in the regular season. The XFL are slowly Bob Rossing their way in to a re reboot in 2023. The USFL completed a full season of American spring ball if you can believe it. Congrats to the Birmingham Stallions for bringing home the trophy, and to the league for so far getting over 40 players to receive invites to NFL camps. Next year should be a hoot. XFL draft to occur just a few weeks after final NFL cuts.

Ohio State



One of the most famous early suicides recorded happened in 30 BC when Cleopatra decided to check out.

In 1492 Columbus arrives at the Canary Islands in his first voyage to the New World.

Aloha!!! Hawaii officially becomes property of the United States in 1898.

In 1981 IBM releases its first Personal Computer.

The largest, most complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex was discovered in South Dakota in 1990.

Aaaaaaaaand in 1994 my heart was broken when the MLB and the Players Association went on strike ending the season for not only a great Expos team, but Tony Gwynn’s hopes of hitting .400, and my dream of seeing what I believe is the greatest lineup in baseball history, my Cleveland Indians chance at a title. Fuckers.


Klara Hitler… I’ll let you guess who’s mama dat is…

George Soros… another winner :

Bruce Greenwood




Peter Krause

Pete Sampras from Washington DC


Jonathan Coachman


Casey Affleck

Antoine Walker


Plaxico Burress


Chris Chambers


Tyson Fury



Today is known in Russia as both Russian Air Force Day as well as Russian Railway Troops day… If you’re in Ukraine… Godspeed.


“The only thing I can cheer for in Philadelphia is the National Anthem.”

-Bill Belichick

Ok, that’s enough for this edition. Be sure to check out the latest episodes from The Jake Bowtell Football Experience, The XFL STL Show/Pro Football Alliance, Big Dudes in the Trenches, and Football on the Know with Jim and Joe. All fabulous productions from good peeps. With that, I’m sure there will be much more later to hear, see and do, and with that, It’s A Football World, We’re All Just Passing Through.

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