The Daily Dose: 2/9/22

-John Turner

Spoilers for The Book of Boba season finale ahead…

The Book of Boba Fett didn’t exactly start off slow… In the aftermath of the bombing at the end of last week’s episode, Fett and company decide to camp out in the city until Vanth’s re enforcements arrive. Meanwhile we learn the Pike Syndicate turned out to be double crossers, and broke their word. Cad Bane looks and sounds every bit of ruthless as you would wish for. But wait, there’s more… Who shows up in an X-Wing at Peli Motto’s mechanic shop ready to be welcomed to the party, pal? Our guy… Grogu, piloted by R2D2 himself. AAAAAAND he’s wearing his Beskar chain mail! A Bane and Fett stare down. Ensues a thorofare old west, Deadwood like negotiation between the two. Across town a Red Wedding style ambush leaves the Mod Squad and Black Krrsantan in a pinch until Fennec Shand shows up doing a little sharp shooting. Fett and Mando discuss their last stand… this is the way.


Fett’s terms of surrender weren’t exactly comparable to Patrick Mahomes’ deal. Then, we get a dream for most us nerds. Mando and Fett cleaning house like Stone Cold Steve Austin during the invasion angle. Naturally in epic fashion, when all seemed lost, the people of Freetown come in guns a blazin. In comes Black Krrsantan looking like Wun Wun from north of the wall while fending off white walkers at Hardhome. Just when it started to look like the tide had turned for team Boba with the Pike scattering like roaches when the lights turn on. Here comes the ED-209s straight out of Robocop 2 with Invisible Woman force shields!!! The ultimate laser tag game commences. We take a brief break from the battle of Hamburger Hill to see the reunion we’ve been waiting six months for, as Grogu leaps into the surprised arms of Mando as they are fleeing an ED-209 on a droid driven space wagon with Peli. As we see the wagon bite the dust and things about to go south, we hear a roar in the deep…

It’s Boba Fett on the Baby Bull Rancor!!! At this point it’s as if I’m 12 years old watching Royal Rumble ’92. The Rancor is able to weaken the shield of an ED just enough for Mando to cut his way in with his Beskar sword and cut off one of his arms. Down, but not out, the machine turns to Mando and is about to lay the death blow, and then, the Force Awakens. Grogu summonses the power to pop a robotic knee cap out of place, distracting the super droid long enough for the Rancor to grab ahold of it, and tear it in half like Megatron did Jazz. Back at the last stand with the Mod Squad and Freetown folk, we see a little girl power action against the 2nd ED, with them picking off Pike soldiers from a rooftop while the others lay cover fire from below. They’re able to provide enough distraction until Fett and Baby Bull come crashing through a wall, knocking the machine on its ass. A vicious fight between machine and beast transpires with beast proving to be Tuff E Nuff.

No time to celebrate yet though, as the Jerry Miculek of bounty hunters, Cad Bane joins the melee with a flame thrower the scares off big baby, and knocking Boba off the Rancor in the process. We get our showdown, a little monologing, and the draw. Cad Bane does not miss… like ever. As Bane appears to have won the draw, we see in perfect Hollywood fashion, the bad guy always talks too much at the wrong time. Fett is able to turn the tide on the situation and put Bane down once and for all… maybe. Now all we have to do is deal with Rampage as the Baby Bull Rancor is without Fett, he’s off on a King Kong expedition as he is scared, confused, and can only be tamed by Boba. Mando tries his best version of Circus of the Stars to no avail, but it was Grogu who, in the hour of the wolf was able to use The Force once more to render the beast incapacitated. Then take a nap with it.

In the aftermath, as the backstabbing Syndicate is discussing a cowardly exit we get our, “not so fast” moment. Fennec Shand silently shows up and takes out all the house leaders that had turned their backs on team Fett in under 30 seconds. We then see her and Fett walking through the now being cleaned up city being saluted by grateful residents. As Boba and Shand reach the end of the road they’re accompanied by the rest of the team in Black Krrsantan and the Mod Squad. As they enjoy a moment of victory together, we pan into a shot of the N1 Starfighter leaving Tatooine’s atmosphere. We see Mando and Grogu riding out with Grogu in the droid pod. As he begins to tap on the glass with the shift knob from the Razor Crest, we hear Mando repeatedly tell Grogu, “No”. I think most assume Grogu wanted to sit up front with him, but after knocking faster and louder Mando gives in and says, “Fine, but this is the last time.”. As he flips the switch and jets in to hyper space we see Grogu scream with excitement while realizing he just wanted another tummy tickler of a ride.

All in all this was as 10/10 as 10/10 can get. Some of you out there don’t watch this kind of stuff and I get it. I personally don’t do reality TV, sitcoms, woke media, and a slew of other genres that I quite frankly find annoying and or boring, but for me, the season finale of The Book of Boba was… perfect. Moving forward it’ll be interesting to see if that is in fact the last we’ve seen of Bane. I’m only slightly disappointed we hear that Cobb Vanth(Timothy Olyphant) evidently did meet his demise the previous week… However if you stuck around for the credit scenes, we find out The Modifier has him in the Bacta Tank and is about to do a little enhancing… so see you soon Vanth!!! Looking forward to next season of both Boba and The Mandalorian. Oh, and Ashoka is coming.

Today in History

Mental Floss

The Beatles make their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.

In 1971 Satchel Page become the first Negro League player to be voted in to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

And one year ago today the second impeachment trial on Donald Trump began.

Happy Birthday


Thomas Paine

Joe Pesci

Vince Papale

Danny White

Mookie Wilson

John Kruk

Travis Tritt

Jimmy Smith

Vladimir Guerrero

Tom Hiddleston

Michael B Jordan

Fact of the Day

Baltimore Magazine

The Ouija board was invented in Baltimore, Maryland.

Stat of the Day

Bleacher Report

The 2010 San Diego Chargers had the NFL’s best offense and best defense and still missed the playoffs.

Quote of the Day

Entertainment Weekly

“We’re Americans! Do you know what that means? It means our forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world.” Bill Murray

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