The Daily Dose: 2/7/22

_John Turner


Rough weekend for Alvin Kamara. The Saints running back was aresseted for battery in Las Vegas on Saturday night. While I won’t hop on the bandwagon opinion that Las Vegas was a bad idea for the NFL, because players like any other humans have to make decisions for themselves. This does however, mark the third player incident of the season in Sin City. While New Orleans is still in the midst of a coaching search and the team being a little over $70 million over the cap, one decision they’ll have to make with the new staff is figure out if they can get out of some of the guarenteed money on Kamara’s deal and move on from him altogether. He has a dead cap number of 20.5 million for the 2020 season and if they can prove conduct detrimental to the team, it could make rebuilding a little easier.

Entertainment Weekly

Also a tough weekend for Mecca and his son Zeke. No fancy cars for all the kids, no yacht, no NBA retirement plan. It wasn’t all doom and gloom as Tariq was able to reunite Tasha and Yasmine. Councilman Tate appears to have risen to new heights which will likely play out on his spin-off, Power Book V: Influence. We close the door on Lauren but it looks like it’s now wide open for Carrie. Brayden came through in the clutch in court, but it looks like it came at a cost of his Ivy League education. Lastly the cheese stands alone in Lorenzo Tejada. It would’ve been nice to see him and Mecca mix it up a little more next season, but if we know anything about the show runners, they’ll have plenty of story lines to unfold.

TV Insider

Power Book IV: Force didn’t exactly start off slow. With three feet of snow on the ground Tommy has the most spotless car in the city. Didn’t take him long to make a friends, enemies, earn a buck, and find a nice side piece. Looks like two rival crime families in the CBI and the Flynns are going to be going toe to toe with Tommy in the crosshairs. Great to see Lili Simmons again as I hadn’t seen her in anything since Banshee. She plays Claudia Flynn who is the daughter of the head of the Flynn family, Water Flynn, played by Tommy Flanagan. Oh and don’t look now, but Tommy has a half brother!!! All in all it looks like another solid entry to the Power Universe with a slew of interesting new characters, like Diamond to enjoy.


1883 turned out another 10. These rolling fields are honestly pretty breathtaking. I can only imagine the level of shit that would build in my pants seeing a tornado up close and personal like that having never seen one of TV… The storm leaves this traveling pack with a big mess to clean up and what appears to be a longer harder road ahead. Sam was a good character for the short time we got to see him. Hope he makes a return down the line. Thomas Neomi continue to be a great new couple. Great to see the cook didn’t bail on the group. We got a shootout with outlaws, tomahawk chops, and thanks to Taylor Sheridan’s surprise cameo appearance as Charles Goodnight, they were able to round up almost all if not most of their horse and cattle.

Today In History


The Bubonic Plague made its debut in San Francisco marking the first epidemic in United States history in 1900.

In 1940 Pinnochio hit the theaters.

United States bans all imports and exports from and to Cuba in 1962.

Happy Birthday


John Deere

Charles Dickens

Desmond Doss

James Spader

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Peter Pondra

Juwan Howard

Steve Nash

Ashton Kutcher

Fact of the Day

The Guardian

There’s a bar in Yukon that serves a “Sourtoe cocktail”. It consists of a shot of whisky with a human toe floating in the glass.

Stat of the Day


The 100-point game gets all the deserved attention, but a few years later, Wilt went for 25 points, grabbed 22 rebounds and dealt out 21 assists. It remains the only “double” triple-double in history.

Quote of the Day


“It’s really hard to maintain a one on one relationship if the other person is not going to allow me to be with other people.”

I’ll be back later to give my take on how I would fix the Pro Bowl week and to brag about being right on all six NFL coaching hires so far!!! For now I am outta here. It’s A Football World, we’re all just passing through.

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