The Daily Dose: 2/10/22

-John Turner

Happy Thursday folks. So Moonfall is a decent movie. It has absolutely terrible reviews, but if you like science fiction, you’ll probably enjoy it. NASA, government cover ups, the end of the world, what’s really on the moon, only one man can save us now, you know, that kinda thing. I thinkI’ll give “All of us are dead” a try next, because… zombies. Pretty convenient timing of Snoop Dogg buying Death Row Records considering him, Dr. Dre, and company will be playing the halftime on Sunday. Don’t you think? Speaking of the Super Bowl, we’ve decided to make Pho and Cincinnati chili. They’re the two most popular dishes in both cities. I may go ahead and start the broth today, because evidently it’s a two day process. This is my first crack at it so I’m probably going to screw it all up. Speaking crack… they’re really going to give out free crack pipes aren’t they? Weird flex bro, but it makes complete sense in this country after experiencing what the last two years have shown us.

Looks like James Harden is head to Philadelphia. The Nets will get Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and two first round picks. Seems like a lot for a 32 year old, but what do I know. Mike Florio is evidently fake news… again. For the life of me I can’t figure out how him and Adam Schefter seem to have the inside scoop on the most powerful league in the world, and yet are among the most obnoxious at covering it. US Olympic men’s hockey obliterated hometown China 8-0. I believe they’ll get Canada Saturday.

Today in History


The Islamic Golden Age came to an end at the hands of the Mongolians in Baghdad in 1258

In 1763 The French and Indian War ended

Latter-day Saints begin exodus to Utah in 1846

In 1947 The Paris Peace Treaties were signed

Approximately 5000 are killed in Kenya by the Wagalla Massacre in 1984

Shirley Temple passes away in 2014

Lastly one year ago today Carnival in Rio de Janeiro was cancelled for the first time ever due to Covid

Happy Birthday


William Cornwallis

Roberta Flack

Greg Norman

John Calipari

Lenny Dykstra

Daryl Johnston

Ty Law

Uzo Aduba

Fact of the Day


Charles Darwin ate one of every animal and or specimen he ever discovered.

Stat of the Day


Both Cecil Fielder and his son Prince Fielder retired with 319 career home runs.

Quote of the Day


“The man who won’t loan money isn’t going to have many friends, or need them.” -Wilt Chamberlain

Throwback Thursday: The Hogs

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It’s A Football World, we’re all just passing through.

Feature photo: Vanity Fair

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