The Daily Dose: 1/26/22

-John Turner

Sky Sports

Happy midweek all. Another day, another coaching vacancy as Sean Payton decided to call it quits yesterday, leaving New Orleans after 15 years of service. The Big Easy won’t be an easy task to fill shoes in, nor will cleaning up the salary cap situation, but if I know one thing, whoever gets that job is going to love that city. My Washington Wizards took a fourth straight on the chin yesterday and are now tied for 10th in a weak eastern conference. There is a bit of a chance for Chocolate City to rebound tonight though, as my #ALLCAPS take on the San Jose Sharks.


College All Star Bowl season is right around the corner starting with the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Saturday at 6. Both NFL Conference Championship games are on Sunday with the Bengals and Chiefs playing the early matchup on CBS, followed by the 49ers and Rams on Fox. The NFL would’ve been wise to not have a game on while my beloved 1883 and Power Book II is on, but hey… they’ll live and learn as I’ll be changing the channel early.


Speaking of TV, Ozark made a return this week, giving us the first half of their final season. It’s rough on a cartel leader, I tell ya. Omar Navarro is not only having a rough go trying to make a deal with the FBI, but naturally his brother Javi is making things even more difficult as he has knocked off some pretty important pieces off the board. Looks like we get a new odd couple in Ruth and Frank when the show returns. And I am officially over Wendy and Jonah. One or both is likely to get Marty and or Charlotte killed soon.

Den of Geek

Welcome back Snowpiercer!!! I missed you guys! The tale of two trains continues as Layton and Wilford lead their respected cities on rails in the pursuit of New Eden. Water and food supplies are getting short, heat has become difficult to maintain, but we got a glimpse of hope at the end, as I believe that was indeed Melanie that Andre brought back with him. In such a cold place I have a feeling things will be heating up.

Today In History:

Travel Channel

The Ottoman Empire cedes territory to the Holy League after defeat at The Battle of Zenta in 1699 marking the beginning of the end of their rule in Europe.

1788, Sydney, Australia is established and today is now known as Australian Day.

The first United States forces land in Northern Ireland as the US officially joins the war in 1942.

Happy Birthday:


Frank Costello

Paul Newman

Bob Uecker

Jerry Sandusky

Gene Siskel

Eddie Van Halen

Road Warrior Hawk

Anita Baker

Wayne Gretzky

Vince Carter

Fact of the Day:

Univ. of Toronto Magezine

There is a statue of Tesla in Silicon Valley that radiates free Wi-Fi. It was done as an homage to his vision for wireless communication.

That’s it for now folks. Tune in later as I’ll have my ranking of available NFL head coaching jobs. See ya!!!

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