The Daily Dose: 1/19/22

-John Turner


Happy Hump Day everyone! I do hope you’re all getting over yours in style. Dan Prescott deeply regrets his comments supporting fans that threw things at the referees at game’s end in Dallas on Sunday. Personally I think it would be nice if players and other folks out there actually stuck with their original comments, but that’s none of my business. Alex Ovechkin scored his 27th goal of the season last night, bringing him nine short of Jaromir Jagr for 3rd all time, and the point took him to 24th all time as he passes Mike Modano. The Atlantic League in baseball, a Single A baseball league, has decided mo on from Robo-Umps. The league had been using robotic system to call balls and strike since 2019 as a testing ground to what could potentially make its way to the Major Leagues, however the wait will inevitably be a bit longer as they have decided to go back to humans to call the counts.

Alexus Renee

PowerBook II: Ghost saw Tariq back on campus and concocting a plan with Brayden and Carrie to get back in the game and clear St. Patrick’s name in the process. Mecca wants the truth to be told to his son Zeke, Councilman Tate uses his influence on a judge, and Lorenzo is quickly restocking his claim to the streets of Queens. With three episodes left, things appear headed for war.


1883: We say goodbye to Ennis this week as bandits stormed the camp and he fell victim to the gun play of the Wild West. Josef takes a step to solidify his position as a leader for his shrinking group of German pioneers, as the road gets tougher, food is getting scarcer, Noemi and Thomas would seem like the perfect story book ending if they were to end up together so it probably won’t happen. At the halfway mark of its first season, this show isn’t showing signs of falling off.

El Informador

Finally watch Spider-Man: No Way Home last night. Although I don’t think it was epic to the degree of Avengers: Engame, it was a very good movie that had no slow parts and plenty of action, drama, and humor. Not only was dialogue between the three Spider-Mans hilarious at times, but I thought the interactions with the returning villains served them all justice. I hope the MCU and Sony are able to hammer out a way to bring back these Sonyverse characters and actors in to the long con the is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It would be a shame to waste them on a one and done.

Arlington Lane and myself were on last night talking a plethora of football topics and getting off track a bit at times. you can check that out here if you like, and if you hit subscribe to the YouTube channel, we wouldn’t be mad atcha.

Today in History:


Botany Bay gets a second round of ships from The First Fleet, establishing settlement in what we know today as Australia in 1788.

Speaking of 1883, the first electric lighting system employing overhead wires, built by Thomas Edison, begins service in Roselle, New Jersey.

And in 1983 Apple announces its first personal computer, Apple Lisa, which would include a graphical user interface and a mouse.

Happy Birthday:


Robert E. Lee

Edgar Allen Poe

Janis Joplin

Dan Reeves

Dolly Parton

Paula Deen

Robert Palmer

Katey Sagal

Otis Anderson

Chris Sabo

Jeff Van Gundy

Ron “R-Truth” Killings

Frank Caliendo

Fact of the Day:


Some Maryland residents are taxed for the rain.

Have a great day folks, and we will see you tomorrow! It’s A Football World, we’re all just passing through.

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