The XFL is not the NFL, nor does it need to be.

A mild rant by John Turner Two weeks in and we’ve had two weeks of mixed baggage with the overall

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By Matthew Feimer Things are heating up in Los Angeles already and week two is not even here yet. It

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By Matthew Feimer With the victory celebration set for Chiefs Kingdom on Wednesday at Union Station comes another story. How

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#READYTOSTRIKE: XFL’s Tampa Bay Viper Final Roster Recap

A View from the Cheap Seats by John Turner Marc Trestman was hired early on to be the Head Coach

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#CAPITALPUNISHMENT: XFL’S DC Defenders Final Roster Recap

A Who’s Who Analysis by John Turner for No Reason at All Final cuts have come and gone, and after

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XFL Rules Review By AFW: Part II

Yet another Long and Unwanted Breakdown by an Unqualified and Over Opinionated Writer who shouldn’t quit his day job named

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