Pro Wrestling: How Hardcore Wrestling Can Return To The Mainstream

-Michael Gouger

photo credit: Pinterest

Let’s see who all here loves to see hardcore, weapon slingin, ass kicking, bloody as fuck wrestling? Me im that guy! Hardcore wrestling could return to the mainstream here in the United States. Trust me it’s not too late to save wrestling from the pussification that has hit the entertainment we love. I will say first and foremost it never left.

It’s still a huge draw in Japan with Big Japan Pro Wrestling. It’s big in Canada with the International Wrestling Syndicate. Also in Mexico with Xtreme Latin American Wrestling. Even across the pond in merry old England with the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance. Here in the U.S. we still have a few non mainstream but decent promotions. The House of Hardcore founded by ECW alum Tommy Dreamer, the Independent Wrestling Association founded by another ECW alum Ian Rotten, Combat Zone Wrestling founded by John Zandig, and Game Changer Wrestling founded by Ricky Otazu. They are some smaller promotions with probably at least one in every state.

With all that being said there’s still a market for the product. Now I know the glory days of the 90s are over, trust me I see it in the mirror everyday but, the extreme style can still make a comeback. Just look over on AEW. Hell damn near every one of Darby Allen’s, Jon Moxley’s, and Eddie Kingston”s matches go hardcore. Another gem we had was Cody Rhodes taking on Mr. Brodie Lee(God rest his soul), in a dog collar match which in my humble opinion was one of the best matches I have ever watched.

photo credit: What Culture

I know I harp on it but the Thunder Rosa vs Britt Baker match was one that Mick Foley and Terry Funk would be proud of, it’s the match of the year so far. To really get back into it, we need a lot of the old school hardcore talent to mix and teach the younger talent we have to day. You would have one hell of a fucking promotion. Run that shit on YouTube and have a few Pay Per Views on FITE, then let it get picked up by a network. BOOM, you’d have a mainstream hardcore wrestling promotion for the cancel culture to whine and cry about, giving them nightmares because the big man used a cheese grader on another’s face. Ahhhh! my kind of wrestling.  

feature photo: WWE