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The Jones-Walker Experience

C. Artis-Payne after another rushing touchdown.  Cameron had 99 rushing yards on the day (XFL.com)

Wow, what a week! The honeymoon period is over for the fans and they let themselves be heard; as did a certain New York quarterback. Saturday’s games were less than exciting, unless you’re a Defenders fan. But even that game it is difficult to say if D.C. was that good or if N.Y. was just that bad. And we have yet to have a running back hit 100 yards, though they are getting close.

Yes, this week was not a good week for quarterbacks overall, however two individuals are breaking away from the pack: Cardale Jones and P.J. Walker. Cardale had himself a day by throwing 23-37 (62%) with 2 touchdowns and an interception. Cardale reminds of Big Ben of the Steelers: he has great form from the feet up when throwing but watching him scramble makes me wonder who would win a race between him and my Pap. 


Which brings me to this weeks Squad of the Week: June Jones and his quarterback PJ Walker. This duo is defining what elite looks like on an XFL field. Jones’ efficiency in play design as well as play-calling is evident has this team has been able to move the ball with ease against all (two) of the defenses they have faced. What really caught my eye this week is PJ Walker’s want to win. Walker only threw 20-31 for 170 yards, but that translated to 3 touchdowns and he is showing the rest of the league what he can do. Did you see that side-arm throw he made, looking like Mahomes?! Walker is clean in the pocket but can scramble and extend plays better than most quarterbacks in the NFL! What doesn’t show up in the stat line are the contended passes that he is completing. Walker is putting the ball where only his receivers can catch it and those receivers are making split-second adjustments to make the play. With having only played together for a few months, the chemistry between quarterback and pass-catchers has me very excited for the future of this team.

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