OPC Squad of the Week: LA Wildcats

photo credit foxla

By Ian Lupey

Well the fan’s spoke, and the league responded. This was an exciting weekend of football and if we can take anything way it’s that: the football is oddly shaped and can bounce in any team’s direction on any day. For those keeping score, we still have not had a running back hit 100 yards (Battlehawks RB Matt Jones got close with 95 yards). We are seeing though that the XFL teams are using more of a running back-by-committee which may be paying off with the amount of RPO’s being played.

The LA Wildcats were an easy selection this week as they seemed to have de-throned the Eastern conference leader. The score did not necessarily reflect the game, however. The Wildcats only put up 44 more yards than the Defenders. This was because the Defenders offensive line really showed up for the run game but forgot all about pass-blocking. The Wildcats threw for 278 yards with a 72% completion percentage with 3 interceptions. While Cardale Jones threw only 103 yards on 50% of his attempts and added 4 interceptions (no touchdowns) to his stat line.

photo credit: ocregister

This game came down to more than just the quarterbacking, however. This game came down to the fans, to the coaches, and to the new rules. The LA Wildcats came into this game ready to win. The fan came hyped up and kept their players in it, and more importantly, kept the opponents out of it. The LA Wildcats proved why the XFL will be a success in that no team is ever out of it. By taking the Defenders to a 2-1 record, anything is possible.

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