OPC Inaugural Squad of the Week:

By Ian Lupey

NY Guardians Defense

Happy Wednesday in this, A Football World! I am your current Picks Champion and the Original, which makes me the OPC. The new year of football began this past week with the inaugural games of the XFL 2.0 starting and we football fans have a lot to be excited about. Yes, this weekend’s games were full of novelty as we all watched eagerly to see the new rules play out, but I think everyone was surprised by the game-play. We watched the highly skilled professional athletes play the game with the enthusiasm of someone who wants the be recognized. From my seats, in front of a TV broadcast for all four games, I would have to agree with Pat McAfee that the “XFL is good for this Country!

ARLINGTON, TEXAS – FEBRUARY 09: Pat McAfee interviews Jordan Ta’amu #10 of the St. Louis Battlehawks on the bench during an XFL football game against the St. Louis Battlehawks on February 09, 2020 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Photo: Brobible.com

With that being said let me introduce you to the OPC Squad of the Week. The New York Guardians defense. NY came into the game as the underdogs, as Tampa Bay had early predictions to take the XFL Championship, and they played like it. Tampa Bay came out looking a bit sloppy but were moving the chains. The 17,000+ fans roared as the Vipers moved into the red zone and took their shot. This is where the Guardians showed their worth. A tipped ball, a safety with focus and concentration, and a turnover; the first turnover.

Photo: athlonsports.com

After that play Tampa Bay attempted to recover but the Guardians defense never took their eye off the ball. Each pass brought uncertainty to who was coming down with it. What I appreciated most about this defense was they demonstrated the efficacy of gang tackling: as one defender was dragging the ball-carrier down, another was punching the ball out. This defense made the Tampa Bay Vipers, the projected champions, go back to the drawing board about who is their QB1. By the way did you see Flowers (QB2) attempt the no look pass we saw from the AAF as he was getting sacked late in fourth quarter? No doubt this squad was recognized by the league and beyond and it added gasoline to the fire that is the XFL!

Photo: DraftKings

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