Online Football Dating NFL vs CFL

Online Football Dating: Volume 1


-A quasi graphic novella by John Turner

Size Matters

NFL field is 53 1/3 yards wide and 100 yards between the goal lines. The End Zone is 10 yards long and has the goal post at the back of the End Zone. The total field length is 120 yards.

The CFL field is 65 yards wide and 110 yards between the goal lines. The CFL uses 110 yards because they are based in the Metric System, and 100 meters is the same as 110 yards. The End Zone is 20 yards long (unless you’re in Montreal… it’s complicated) with the goal post located at the front of the End Zone. The total field length is 150 yards.

Tough call on this one because although we like the 100-yard field, we also like the Rouge or Single and the 20-yard end zone is a major factor to making that happen.

What’s your favorite position?

The NFL uses 11 players on the field, while the CFL has 12.

In the NFL, a typical offense will be 5 down linemen (LT-LG-C-RG-RT), two flankers (WRs), a slot WR, a tight end, a quarterback, and a tailback (RB). Although there are several different offensive formations, this one, known as 11 personnel, seems to be the most used in recent years.

In the CFL they utilize the same five linemen, a quarterback, and tailback. However, the tight end isn’t a position often used, if ever, so the league typically uses two flankers and two slot receivers. Also, teams typically use two backs in the backfield- the tailback and fullback. The fullback position is also not typically used as a lead blocker but as the second featured back, often used in motion pre-snap.

On the other side of the ball the main difference between the leagues is the extra man in the secondary. There are typically four linemen, four linebackers, and four defensive backs. Often in pass coverage a fifth DB will be on the field and a defensive linemen or linebacker will be subbed out.

Another tough call as to which league has the upper hand here but I’ll go ahead and swipe right on the NFL cause there are lots of wide receivers, but a good tight end is hard to find.

Are they DTF? (Down to Football)


NFL has 4 downs

CFL has 3 downs

Having only three downs leads tomore passing and going for it on the third down. Just like online dating, your window is limited and closes pretty quickly. Ya gotta get it while you can! It’s important to know that with having only three downs makes the running game a bit more strategic in the CFL. Running backs typically average more yards per carry. Pre-snap forward motion allowances in the CFL leads to running backs being slightly more productive per carry across-the-board, as it tends to make offensive play calling less predictable, in my opinion.

NFL has 16 regular season games

CFL has 18 regular season games

The CFL is the clear right swipe here. We always want more football. However, rumors have it that 2021 NFL CBAs will look at increasing the regular season game total.

NFL has 6 time outs per team per game

CFL has 2 time outs per team per game

Again, CFL is the clear winner, at least for the football fan. I’m sure that players and coaches like more timeouts, but as a fan, I appreciate not having to watch a cheesy repeated commercial every few minutes. Also, less timeouts make them more sacred.

NFL has a 40 second Play Clock

CFL has a 20 second Play Clock

Three downs, 20 seconds and only two time outs per game means there are less pauses and more action. Action, my friends, is what we all want.

NFL has a two-minute warning, while the CFL has a three-minute warning in each half. Two minutes gets the win here, as two seems a more dire situation.

Let’s recap our potential matches. NFL has smaller playing field, less men playing, more downs, and requires more breaks but doesn’t last as long. CFL has got the big field, lots of guys, and doesn’t stop to catch their breath. CFL is starting to look pretty attractive, but we can’t swipe right on looks alone.

Unsolicited Kick Picks

There are several differences in kicking and receiving kicks between these two beauties. Since no one likes a kick pick without warning, let’s define some of these differences, and set some clear boundaries.

NFL has Fair Catch. A “fair catch” is when a player tries to catch a ball that has been kicked by the other team on a punt or a kickoff and the other team is not allowed to hinder the player. The player signals for a fair catch by waving his arm around over his head like he is saying hello to the ball and all the fans. Once he catches the ball, that spot on the field is where the drive begins. If a player does not signal for a fair catch, they can attempt to return the ball and the opposing team can tackle said player at will… Similar to when a lady changes her relationship status to single.

CFL has 5 Yard Halo Rule. The “Halo” is a 5-yard circle around the player attempting to catch the kick. The opposing team cannot be within 5 yards of the ball until it has been touched by someone from the receiving team. If the player catches the kick, the 5 yards gives him enough time to safely catch the ball and try to return it.  The result is more balls are returned in the CFL, and we like seeing balls getting action.

CFL- Open Field Kick is in play, and a punter can grab and kick out of the End Zone.

In the CFL, a kicker can recover their own kick, if it travels 10 yards. In the NFL, the opposing team must touch it before the kicker can recover it.

We are just trying to score. 

The NFL is more defensive and tactical play minded with a balance of passing, running and punting. In the CFL, the emphasis is on the passing game with more frequent kicking.

Touchdowns- 6 points

Extra Point- 1 point for kick, 2 points for run or pass conversion

Field Goal- 3 points

Safety- 2 points

The CFL has the Rouge

Rouge, also known as a Single, is worth one point. You can get a Rouge for tackling a player that catches the ball in their End Zone after a missed Field Goal. Also, kneeling a caught punt in the end zone will result in a single for the kicking team, but you retain the possession on the 35 vs the 20 in the NFL.

In the CFL, the goal posts are located over the goal line. The NFL has them at the back of the end zone.

I like the Rouge, so Canadian gets my right swipe.

I like the way you move

In the NFL, you can only have one man in motion pre-snap, and he can only move laterally or backwards.

In the CFL, anyone other than an offensive lineman or Quarterback can move in any direction if they stay one yard off the line of scrimmage.

The advantage goes to multiple men in motion. It’s looks absolutely awesome pre-snap in the CFL.

In the NFL, Defensive Players line up on the line of scrimmage. In the CFL, there is a One Yard Gap Rule that has Defensive Players line up one yard from the line of scrimmage.

The NFL gets the nod for the alignment distance, because short yardage situations are a tad too easy to convert in the CFL.

Balls are the same size in both leagues, but were different sizes in the past. Perhaps the CFL invited Tom Brady over for some deflate gate that made their balls smaller. In the early 90s, the CF advertised “Our Balls are Bigger”. These days Wilson is probably grateful they can use the same machine to produce balls for both leagues.

“I ain’t sayin she a gold digger..”

NFL generates more revenue


NFL– $14,000,000,000

CFL– $230,000,000

NFL pays players more

NFL Average Salary- $1,800,000

CFL Average Salary- $80,000

“Hallelujah, it’s raining men!!!”

 Number of teams, players, and the ratio…


NFL has 32 teams

53 on each roster and 46 suited up on game day.

The NFL has no formal partnerships with any other international leagues, however they do have five international games scheduled this year- four in London and one in Mexico.


CFL has 9 teams

46 players on the roster, with 45 suited up on game day. These 44 players consist of 21 “National” players (Canadian players), 20 “International” players (typically American players), One “Global” player, and 3 Quarterbacks.

The CFL is rapidly forming partnerships with leagues in other countries in order to gain popularity globally as well as find global international talent for the league and create a pipeline for its own talent to find work internationally. Germany, France, Austria, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, and Mexico have all leagues that have joined the CFL global partnerships thus far.

Swipe right for the NFL. The CFL Player Ratio is the equivalent to setting your relationship status to “It’s Complicated”

How ‘popular’ is she..?

NFL has television partnerships with CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN and the NFL Network.

CFL has a new agreement this year with ESPN, and all games will be televised on ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPN+, as well as the Canadian network TSN.

NFL had an increase in television viewership last year of 5%, but the game attendance was down by 1.9%

CFL had a 19% increase in television viewership with a decrease in game attendance of 1.6%

The CFL increase in television viewership is pretty impressive, and I expect it to increase with this new deal with ESPN. Right swiping on CFL for this round.

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Daddy Issues

CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie- The “Playa”

League Commisioner since 2017

Played 9 years at Guard

1993 Grey Cup Winner

 2 Time All Star

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell- The “Dom”

League Commissioner since 2006

Played high school football

Worked through the Administrative ranks at the NFL offices to become the Commissioner

The swipe decision here just kinda depends on what you are into..

This is an overview of some of the differences. Just like any relationship, the more you get to know someone, the more you learn. Hopefully, this will give you enough information to give you the nudge to ask the CFL out on a date. Let me know how it goes!