NFC South Bound

Sweet Smelling Takes by Brandon Rose

Hello, my fellow football nerds, Brandon Rose here to fill you in on the first EVER installment of NFC South Bound!

This has been a historical season for quarterback changeover. In Pittsburg, Mason Rudolph is stepping in for Big Ben and over in Jacksonville, Uncle Rico, I mean, Gardner Minshew slinging the ball for an injured slick Nick. 

In New York Daniel Jones has officially taken the reigns from Eli Manning and down on the Bayou Bridgewater is filling in for future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. 

Today I’m talking about the Carolina Panthers Quarterback situation. 

Kyle Allen, WOW, did he come out balling and shocking the pundits and analysts. With sweet feet and perfect timing he set a first time franchise record with four touchdowns on 261 yards no interceptions with a passer rating of 144.4 

If that doesn’t spark optimism amongst the Panthers fan base, nothing will. Cam Newton has simply not been himself this year, and the negative two rushing yard stat says it all. Add in the frustratingly high amount of misplaced throws with what has arguably been the most talented group of playmakers ever in Charlotte..

The Panthers have Mr. Reliable Greg Olson, Curtis Samuel the second rounder out of Ohio State, D.J. Moore the first wide receiver off the board in the 2018 draft who I believe will dominate the NFL for years to come. 

You can’t forget about Christian McCaffery, who is on pace to be the second player to record 1,000 rushing and 1,000 receiving yards in the same season. This guy is truly special.

Going back to last season when Newton’s post game outfits made some sense, he has just not been himself. The multiple shoulder surgeries the foot injury he obtained in the third pre-season game resulted his errant throws. Will this be Newton’s last season playing for the Panthers?

I think it is. General Manager Martey Hurny went in the third round to scoop up Will Grier to groom for an eventual take over, but I’m not so certain now that we will see Grier on the field at all this year. 

Kyle Allen can be that good under Norv Turners quick and efficient offense especially with all this premium talent around him. 

If you need a quarterback in fantasy get him now because after this game in Houston against an underwhelming defensive backfield he wont last long. 

Some information on Kyle Allen:

He was undrafted rookie last year out of Houston. Prior to going to Houston, he played for Texas A&M and competed with fellow teammate Kyler Murray, for the starting QB position. This past week, he simply outplayed this past week Murray. 

Kyle is from Arizona so last weeks game was a homecoming of sorts. In college he couldn’t stay consistent, he did however perform well when he was honed in. 

Allen knocked out the third ranked Auburn Tigers in Auburn, Alabama, effectively ending Auburn’s playoff chances. 

He was also the SEC’s most efficient passer the first 5 games in 2015 leading the Aggies to a 5-0 start. 

So what we’ve learned from with Allen’s start against New Orleans (who played their first team defense the first half last year in week 17 and against Arizona this year) is that he has matured as a decision maker. 

Kyle Allen now has  6 touchdowns no interceptions for 527 yards an overall all quarterback rating of 132.7 and winning both of his only two starts. 

I don’t think I’m jumping the gun either when I say Kyle Allen will be Carolina’s best quarterback even if Newton returns this year. Call it what you like, but I love the outlook on this man. 

Norv Turner has historically elevated quarterbacks from Troy Aikman to Phillip Rivers and I believe his doing it again. 

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