By Matthew Feimer

From the moment they announced the locations and stadiums of the XFL cities, I loved the fact they used the small soccer stadiums in LA and DC. When the schedule came out I knew I had to be at Audi Field for week 2 against my Guardians. I have to admit I was more excited about going to Audi Field than going to MetLife Stadium. I made sure my weekend was free to make the five hour drive to the Nations Capital. 

This was a brilliant move by the league. Why play in empty NFL stadiums when you can fill a smaller MLS stadium. I saw Audi Field as the stadium with the biggest home field advantage. When you have a 20k stadium in a area of six million in the DC area, the potential of filling the stadium with football was great. I envisioned a sea of red like Arrowhead with the Kansas City Chiefs, and after the success of week one against Seattle, I could not wait to go. 

It was everything I hoped it would be. It was loud and many rocking the Defender Red. The stadium was easy to get to and it had the feeling of a big game. I came in with my Guardian’s gear on and the fans were very respectful. Some did boo me in good fun and many shook my hand and said thanks for coming down. We are all in this together. We love football and we want football from February through April. 

The game itself was a blowout but I still had fun. It is pro football but it had a minor league fun to it. There were contest during the breaks on the field and at halftime. We had DC flags on the field after a touchdown and booming music. So we had the feel of a college game also in under three hours. The cold weather did not deter the fans as 15k showed for the game.

I got to meet many people from my Facebook XFL groups and the dad of Scooby Wright who flew in from California. I have every intention of going back to Audi Field. I hope the DC Defenders host the East Final if it is not my Guardians. I can only imagine a playoff atmosphere will be even better when the weather gets more mild. I highly recommend all XFL fans to visit Audi Field, if possible, and if you’re on the fence about the league or even football itself, I still recommend it. It may change your mind about everything. I was hoping they have the XFL Championship there. Maybe next year if we are lucky.

feature photo credit: populous

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