By Matthew Feimer

Miami is a beautiful city, from its beautiful weather, art deco district, beautiful women, crazy nightlife, and its beaches. From what it looks like the weather for the big game looks to be nice this Sunday. There is a forecast of a Red Tsunami for Hard Rock stadium. On one side is 49er Red and Gold. The other side is Chief Red and Yellow.

The San Francisco 49ers are making their 7th trip to the big game. Coach Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo will try to bring home the Bay area’s first Lombardi trophy since Steve Young and George Seifert beat the San Diego Chargers in 1995. San Francisco lost its last Super bowl in the famous Harbaugh Bowl, when they lost to John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens. Twenty five years is a long time, and this generation of 49ers fans only know the stories and highlights of those great 1980’s teams that dominated their opponents.

In the other corner are the Kansas City Chiefs, who are making their first appearance in 50 years. Back then it was Len Dawson, Hank Stram, Jan Stenerud, Willie Lanier, Curley Culp and Bobby Bell. Len Dawson was in the middle of a Pete Rose like gambling scandal that over shadowed their 1969 season. They knocked off the the defending champion Jets at Shea Stadium 13-6 on a goal line stand. Then KC upset the Oakland Raiders on the road 17-7 to win the last ever American Football League Championship (AFL). Kansas City had lost twice to Oakland that year. Chiefs would then go on to upset the heavily favored Minnesota Vikings 23-7 to win their only Super Bowl ever, and the last Super Bowl before the National Football League (NFL) and the AFL merged into one league.

My dad was only 19 when the Chiefs won their last Super bowl. Decades of playoff heartache for Chiefs fans, and many of those games at home. The famous double overtime Christmas day loss to the Dolphins in 1971, and even last year when Tom Brady and the Patriots kept the heartache longer for another year.

In the 100th year of the NFL, the Chiefs will try to erase 50 years of pain.

If I had it my way, I want to see a sea of red in those teal and orange seats of Hard Rock stadium. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl has become a rich man’s game. All the big shots will be there, and you will only have patches of red here and there. It be great to see both teams wear their home red uniforms. That would be a QB nightmare trying to throw to the right guy… As a football fan I just want a memorable game.

May the best team win.

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