By Matthew Feimer

In a surprising trade, Luis Perez is changing out his sun tan lotion in LA for a pair of snow boots in NY.

Luis Perez is arguably the best Division II quarterback.. ever. Now, LA is the only team in the XFL not to have an allocated quarterback. And NY is the only XFL team to have 2 allocated quarterbacks. So, why the trade and why now?

Luis Perez was going to be the franchise first starting QB in the #Unleased Era. This was the guy Winston Moss and OC Norm Chow wanted.. then came 33 year old veteran Josh Johnson and just like that, LA had a QB Battle.

The writing was on the wall for Perez. For all his accomplishments from the bowler turned quarterback, Josh Johnson is a great athlete, he has been around a long time, he has seen many systems and he fits the Chow offense better. Let us not forget, Josh Johnson was the first overall QB taken in last year’s AAF draft.

But, why not have Perez as his backup? Was the Chow playbook, full of five and seven step drop-backs hard for Perez to grasp? If that is the case, Kevin Gilbride’s 21 and 11 personnel packages -built on momentum- will be equally challenging. Chad Kanoff went from NY to LA in exchange after he was signed by NY on January 5. He has been in Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Arizona in the NFL for the last three years.

There have been many trades the last two weeks in the XFL.. Way more than you saw in the NFL during the course of the year. With all eight teams in Houston training and scrimmaging, it is easier to evaluate a teams needs, see other players, and make changes.

As for NY, why trade for Perez? We have Matt McGloin, Marquis Williams, and Garrett Fugate and now Perez?

From what I have seen the Guardians have a great secondary. They have been giving all three NY quarterbacks fits in mini and training camps. Is the secondary that good? Or are the three Qbs having a tough time in Gilbride’s system? In two days training camp is over and the cut down to 52 will be complete. I can not see NY carrying four QBs. So who is the odd man out? We find out in 48 hours.

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