By Matthew Feimer

Things are heating up in Los Angeles already and week two is not even here yet. It seems like all the controversy in the XFL happens in the city of Angels. How will the fans react as they have their home opener this week at Dignity Health Park? Will the fans show up in this big event city? I hope Winston Moss gets it together soon.

photo credit: XFL

It started in training camp when Jeremiah Spicer and Shawn Oakman were released. The word on the street was they were to physical in training camp? Is that even possible? Shawn Oakman was eventually brought back after the 52-man cutdown and was in the starting lineup. After the Wildcat collapse in the second half against the Houston Roughnecks. Winston Moss seemed to throw everyone under the bus but himself. He said he gave his coordinators three assignments. Win the field position battle, win the turnover battle, and win the explosive play battle. Winston Moss said we did not do neither.

He went on to say we have work to do on offense and defense and a ton of work to do a special teams. Well Monday morning we learned he cut his vocal defensive captain Anthony Johnson. And later that afternoon he fired his defensive coordinator Pepper Johnson. Another Belicheck protégé bites the dust. What message is Moss trying to say? He will have a hard time trying to hire people if he fires people after every loss. His defense for the 1st half did good. The second half they were tired from being out there too long while chasing P.J. Walker. The offense never scored in the second half and couldn’t get anything going. The loss of Josh Johnson is panful and the rumor is that his thigh may not be ready by this Sunday either.

Was Luis Perez traded for the same reasons why Oakman was cut the first time? If so, Luis Perez gets off easy. Winston Moss is an old Miami Hurricane who played with fire and coaches with it. Moss should realize that all those Hurricanes were coached by Howard Schnellenberger, Jimmy Johnson, Dennis Erickson, and Harry Corker. All who were intense but reasonable. What if the Wildcats lose Sunday? Is Norm Chow the next to go? Does Josh Johnson get traded? This is not a good look for Los Angeles or the XFL. I’d hate to have to see Oliver Luck fire Moss after season one. I hope for the sake of the league the Wildcats have a great game to say the least.

Even in his press conference he took swipes at the media for the location of the press conference itself. Saying he had to rush to the other side of the stadium to do it. As he wiped his head off with a towel looking like he needed another shower. Looks like the pressure of being the head coach is getting to him. The Wildcat performance this week should be interesting to see.

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