Intro to Online Football Dating


Online Football Dating

An Excessively Long Intro for a Series of Articles by John Turner 

In the beginning, it was dark… And then, the creator gave us the single greatest team activity known to man… Tackle football, and He said it was good.

It is so good that hundreds of leagues have developed around the world. Look no further than our calendar to see that football is year-round. There are leagues scattered across all 12 months of the year and there is nothing people like us at A Football World love more than a never-ending supply of the game we love.

These leagues have slight variances in style and rules that can be a bit confusing to a fan that is only familiar with NFL style football. To the naked eye the differences of these leagues can be minute, however under a microscope they can be confusing and understanding them can be as difficult as navigating the treacherous waters of online dating.

Swipe left for no, swipe right for yes is, quite frankly, the easiest way to approve or disapprove of something today. Some read the profile, and some people just look at the pretty pictures. Some profiles are colorful and or funny, some are boring and or obnoxious.

We will be launching a series of comparisons of all these leagues to choose from by activating our online football dating account and swiping away as we search for true football love.

Let’s swipe right and match up with some of these sexy leagues, and see what the common denominators are between them and of course, the deal breakers. We’ve been catfished in the past with WFL, USFL, and AAF and we are still struggling with commitment issues. As we explore the Fifty Shades of Pigskin, remember folks, all football is good football.

Online Football Dating Volume 1 CFL vs NFL