Pro Wrestling World: Heart

-Michael Gouger

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I’m gonna start by saying I was a huge ECW fan. Paul Heyman was a hell of a promoter. I also feel we could use more hardcore wrestling this day and age. Which will probably be my next article. One thing ECW had more than anything was heart. The wrestlers risked their bodies, their careers, and their families livilyhood to entertain us the fans of ECW. The simple fact they cut their own promos and they weren’t scripted much like WWE is today was a testiment to their hearts.

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They honestly gave us blood, sweat, and tears. As I sit and watch the current product of wrestling WWE, AEW, NWA, ROH, Impact and New Japan. I see absolutely no heart in WWE and the most out of AEW. I’ll explain elaborate… The Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa match brought back old memories of ECW’s the hardcore appeal. The constant back and forth these two ladies beat the piss out of each other with, they risked it all to entertain us. They showed they are the real motherfucking deals. It was a true a true showing of heart in the squared circle that I haven’t seen in many years.

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I’m not saying that wrestlers in WWE don’t have heart but let’s face it, WWE doesn’t really let them. WWE feels like watching a soap opera with loads of crap, and great athletes thrown in. Where are the Tommy Dreamers, Tazzes and the Mikey Whipwrecks? Where are the Shane Douglases, the Justin Credibles, and the Rhynos? Those monster heels that made us all hate their guts. Where are the Ravens, the Sandmans, and the Sabus that give 2 shits what we thought, and did their own thing in the ring and we loved it? I’ll tell you where they are they’re not… in WWE. 

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Thank you to ECW, thank you to Paul Heyman and thank you to all the wrestlers who still have heart.

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