Good Night, Good Fight: Patriots vs Redskins

A Slightly Disgusted Rant by John Turner

Patriots 33 – Redskins 7

So the Redskins made the news Friday in a way that only the Redskins could. That’s right… the Smoking Jay Gruden gets older and they stay the same age, video hit the internet in one of the greatest Friday news dump stories I’ve seen in some time. 

The Redskins somehow managed to keep the game competitive for a while in the first half but then… Here’s a story, of a man named Brady. Tommy Six Rings extended his lead on injured Drew Brees in the chase for 539. Brady shredded the Burgundy and Gold all day to the tune of 348 yards and three TDs on 28 completions. Edelman looked like the weapon we are all too familiar with catching eight passes for 110 and a score. New England’s defense sacked Colt McCoy six times on the day.

McCoy, who hadn’t played since being injured last season, magically completed 18 passes for 119 yards. I’m sure he would’ve probably liked to see Trent Williams at left tackle. However he announced in the early spring that he would be holding out and thus far has shown no signs of returning nor has he came out and said anything. Naturally the Redskins declined a first round pick offer from the Patriots and are evidently content with him just not playing yet technically still being a part of the organization. Bold strategy by the front office indeed.

Jay Gruden at the post game press conference looked about as comfortable as a Nun in a biker bar. When asked about if he’s heard anything pertaining to his job security he replied, “If the key works Monday, I’ll keep working.”

For the record, I like Jay Gruden, but I believe the organization is set for auto failure. Norv Turner, Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier, Joe Gibbs, Jim Zorn, Mike Shannahan, and now Jay Gruden are all good coaches that have found success everywhere but here in Washington. The common denominator has been Redskins owner Dan Snyder. 

Until Snyder sells this team the level of competition, attendance, revenue through merchandise and concessions will continue to spiral downward as it has the last decade plus. Snyder was cut a check via shared revenue of about $225M last year if I recall, yet lost about $40 million in ticket sales, merchandise, and concessions. In total he made about $180M, however, the team easily did the worst in the league in that regard. Perhaps in 2027 when the FedEx Field lease runs out he will either move the team to a city that will have him or put it up for bid. There are many who will take either option, and also many that no longer care. Once a proud and storied organization with intensely loyal fans, it has been reduced to whatever the polar opposite of that is. I also don’t think Maryland, the District, or Virginia will financially help HIM fund a new stadium and Lord knows, Snyder won’t want to pick the tab to make the necessary upgrades, let alone build a new toilet bowl. It won’t matter what new GM or coach is under this ownership, and no decent ones will take this job if they actually want to be successful. I’ve heard the first step to correcting a problem is recognizing you have one… I guess his mirrors are broken. All I know, is the timing couldn’t be more right for the XFL to insert a team in Washington.

Next up:

Washington @ Miami

New England vs New York Giants

If some of this sounds a bit harsh, I am a Washingtonian that was a die hard fan. Thanks, Danny.

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