NFL Game Recap by John Turner

Right out the gate newly acquired Emmanuel Sanders made an impact for San Fran scoring on a pass from Jimmy G in their opening drive. They’d get the ball back but this time Garoppolo would find Luke Kuechly wide open over the middle, leading to a field goal for Carolina. The George Kittle show was then on. Back to back magnificent catches marched the 9ers quickly up field. Six plays and 75 yards later Coleman would run one in. Kyle Allen would throw his first career interception on the day and it would lead to another touchdown, this time on a catch by free agent acquisition Tevin Coleman. Panthers offense woke up a bit with Allen hitting his weapons in McCaffrey and DJ Moore, but the drive would stall and they’d be forced to punt. The onslaught would continue with Coleman running 48 yards on a gorgeous cut back up the middle to give the 49ers a 28-3 lead. Desperately needing a score and getting the ball back to start the third, the Panther QB Kyle Allen could elude Nick Bosa and was sacked by the rookie pass rusher for the second and third time in the half.

Good start to the half for the Panthers as they caught Jimmy G in the end zone for a safety. What better way to follow up getting the ball back after a score? Well, another score obviously. Christian McCaffrey continued his MVP run with a blazing 40 run for a touchdown and adding two by a toss left attempt to guess who… McCaffrey. All the sudden it was a game at 27-13. The honeymoon would be short lived as Deebo Samuel would run one in from 20 yards out to make it 34-13. Looking to get back into it Kyle Allen Richard Sherman for a pick, his second on the day. The 49ers capitalized on the turnover with Coleman getting his fourth touchdown. McCaffrey with another huge play on the other end but he’d come off the field for a play to get a new mouthpiece and naturally Nick Bosa intercepts the pass on that next play and returns it 50 yards. San Fran would settle for three but put the game out of reach to say the least.


Top Performers

Passing: Jimmy Garoppolo 175

Rushing: Christian Mc Caffrey 117

Receiving: George Kittle 86


49ERS move to 7-0 and face the CARDINALS next


  • October 28, 2019 at 12:12 pm

    Nice write up. It is a beautiful day to be a Niners fan. We still can get no respect. Heading into this game, the world saw hope in the underdogs; quoting Allen statistics of passes and 0 interceptions (often forgetting the amount of fumbles he had). Then the excuses came: “oh he’s a back up.” “oh if Cam was in..”

    With the exception of Bosa, this was another coaching victory. Shanahan had prepared and sharpened his tools to a finer point than Rivera.

    7-0 baby!

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