NFL Game Recap by John Turner

Coming into the game da Bears had gone six straight games with under 300 yards of total offense. The defense who had been struggling lately for the Bears lended the offense a hand with a pick returned back to the five yard line of the Chargers. They couldn’t punch it in but they’d get a successful field goal this time. The Bears would take the lead going into halftime with a field goal to make it 9-7, but that was met with a rain of boos from the crowd in Chicago. Fans are waiting for the first of two offensive shoes to drop and it appears to be getting late early for Matt Nagy.

The Bears must’ve had a pow wow at halftime as they came out with an 11 play 75 yard drive for a touchdown. Needless to say the crowd went wild. Chargers would take the lead with a score from Ekeler to go up 17-16, however the now mobile Bears would come storming back. A promising drive unfortunately ended with a sack on Trubisky by Joey Bosa. But wait, there’s more… Mitchell Trubisky anchored an incredible drive in the final two minutes of the game to set up a game winning field goal… the kick was wide left. Nagy got some ‘splainin’ to do…


Top Performers

Passing: Mitchell Trubisky 253

Rushing: David Montgomery 135

Receiving: Mike Williams 69


CHARGERS move to 3-5 and host the PACKERS next

BEARS move to 3-4 and face the EAGLES next

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