Good Fight, Good Night: (9)FLORIDA 38 @ SOUTH CAROLINA 27 Recap

It was a donnybrook. Gamecocks came in looking for their second straight upset while the Gators(7-1) were looking for redemption after losing a good one to LSU last week. SC game out early 7-0 and and the shootout was on. They’d trade scores going into the half tied at 10.

Trask would open the half with an awful interception and give a short field to SC. They’d land in the end zone a couple plays later with a nice draw play to Feaster. Naturally Pierce would run 75 yards for a touchdown in less than 60 seconds to tie it. SC a field goal, Florida a touchdown pass, and it was 24-20 in the fourth with 10 to go. The Gators would prove to be the better team today as they’d add two more scores in the fourth to go up 38-20. SC(3-4) would score again to make it closer but it was too little too late.

Next up:

Florida vs (10)Georgia

SC @ Tennessee

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