Good Fight, Good Night: (6)WISCONSIN 23 @ ILLINOIS 24 Recap

The Jonathan Taylor invitational was in full effect again against Illinois. He’d move to sixth all time in the Big Ten for rushing yards. Illinois would keep the score reasonable but couldn’t keep up the level of fire power of the Badgers. A hell of a drive that included a couple of amazing plays brought Illinois within two with just under 6:00 to go.

With wisconsin driving and 2:32 to go Coan threw a critical interception to give the ball to the Fighting Illini at mid field. Illinois pounded the ball up the field and into field goal position to set up potentially their first win against a top 10 team for the first time in over a decade. The snap was perfect, the hold was clean, and the kick was good. Down goes Frazier and a Badger opportunity to get into the playoffs more than likely. Kudos to Lovie Smith and the full team effort.

Next Up:

Wisconsin @ (4)Ohio State

Illinois @ Purdue

By John Turner

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