College Football: FL, MS, NM, and AL Prepared for NIL Liftoff on July 1. NCAA… you are now on the clock.

-John Turner

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As of July 1st, college football as we now know it will change forever. NIL(name, image, and likeness) in the states of Florida, New Mexico, Mississippi, and Alabama will go into affect. Either shortly before, the same day, or very shortly afterwards the Supreme Court, the NCAA, and or other states will all have to act or react to this with a sturdy plan with little to no room to be sued over. Barring a congressional act before July 1, there is nothing to keep this from happening at this point. The NCAA at best can only attempt to delay the passing of NIL by a couple means. 1: They can come up with an NCAA approved set of NIL guidelines that they hope the Supreme Court and all states accept. 2: The can request court injunctions, stopping NIL from going into affect, buying the NCAA more time to come up with an approved set of guidelines.

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I’m thinking it’ll be the former since the NCAA has had plenty of time as a multi billion dollar industry to come up with something by now. It’s much easier to get the upper hand in setting guidelines when you don’t wait till the powers that be set them for you, while also allowing states to launch their own plans first. So my boldest prediction is that in the hour of the wolf on the precipice of this all launching we will see the NCAA throw the first stone. Be that as it may, buckle up. States won’t like what the NCAA puts out there, they’ll threaten to leave, the NCAA will threaten to throw schools out that do not plan on following their newly laid guidelines, and the Supreme Court will get involved anyways. Had states and the NCAA attempted to get this done some time ago, it may have never come to this… but here we are.

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Let me tell you what won’t happen… allowing these four states to jump into the NIL business all by themselves in a free market. We don’t think Alabama, Auburn, Miami, Florida, Florida State, Ole Miss, and Mississippi, along with all the other Power 5 and Group of 5 schools in those states are just going to be allowed to recruit every top tier piece of talent out there while the others stand back and watched, do we? No chance. These kids are about to be able to sign agents and seek out 3rd party company to pay them for their NIL. It appears as though the first few items that will be off the table is the ability to use NIL to help advertise for alcohol, tobacco, gambling, adult entertainment products and establishments. Outside of that, as long as a company paying for a student athlete’s NIL does not already have a deal in place with the school he/she attends and the conference they play in, it’s all systems go. If the NCAA doesn’t make a move by at least telling other states it recommends that they join the first four states in this new era, they’ll have a big problem. No way Clemson, Ohio State, Michigan, USC, Notre Dame, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas A&M, etc are just going to sit back and hope a kid chooses them over a potential endorsement.

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If the NCAA decides to play hardball and kick out the teams that are in states that have already approved NIL for their schools, that will be the very moment Super Conferences are formed. Don’t think for a second Texas, California, Washington, Illinois, Maryland, etc won’t up and join them by sundown. That would almost guarantee to be the deathblow for the NCAA. Trying to play hardball these days gets you cancelled so I truly believe the NCAA is going to look the other way here, for the most part, because that’s what will allow them to stay in business. Almost like what we’re seeing in the nation in regards to police reform and the 2nd amendment… If the United States were to attempt to abolish and or drastically reform both, it would likely be before supper that day for Texas to bail as a state. By the end of the week you’d be looking at the modern day Confederacy. It’s an extreme analogy, but not as unrealistic as most would wish it to be. I can’t wait to see what the NCAA is or isn’t going to do… It’s A Football World, we’re all just passing through.

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