Around A Football World in About an Hour

Smokin Jay Gruden “I get older, they stay the same age”

NFL week 5 results, studs, and duds

Russell Wilson… that boy good!

Texans with a 50 burger

ATL where ya’ll at?

McCaffrey over Minshew Mania in the expansion bowl revisited

Tommy 6 Rings wins again

Redskins are SURPRISE, awful

Ravens over Steelers in a bloodbath

Rudolph knocked out

Eagles win the war of green on green crime

Kirk Cousins has one thing to tell ya… YOU LIKE THAT!?!?!?

Saints win without Brees again! Buffalo back to circling the wagons

Murray gets his first win

How bout them Packers!!!

Denver and Los Angelas in a divisional showdown

WHO YOU GOT?!?!?! SNF and MNF on deck!

Upcoming AFW features, articles, shows, and interactive games!!!

NCAA week 6 results, studs and duds

CFL week 6 results, studs and duds

XFL called me… what did we talk bout?

Tough year for healthy pro quarterbacks

Games and players of the week! All this and… my surprise outfit of the night!!! JOIN US!

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