American Made- XFL

By Matthew Feimer

I have always considered myself to be a biased New York Sports fan. Yeah, I know, I’m a typical obnoxious New York sports fans. Even in my New York mode, I’m more biased with our New York Teams. I love the Yankees and hate the Mets. I love the Giants and hate the Jets.

I think you get the point.

In 17 days we start XFL season. I can hardly wait! I am looking forward to the XFL season more than the NFL playoffs, and the NFL is my favorite sports league. But, with the NFL frustrating football fans, AND both the Jets and Giants frustrating New York football fans, I’m hoping the Jets and Giants fans unite and support the New York Guardians.

In my efforts to help support the new XFL and our latest football team, I bought some merchandise to support both the league and team.

Some stuff was better than others, but I was not going to buy knockoffs, because that defeats the purpose. Naturally, when the XFL Jerseys came out, I wanted one. Since the authentic did not come in fat guy sizes, I settled for a replica instead. I kept my expectations low, but when my Guardians replica came in, the quality was more amazing than anything else I had received. To my surprise, I saw made in the United States. I went back to look at where my hats and hoodie was made… No such luck.

Usually, I never buy anything other than my team’s gear, but Made in the USA means a lot much to me. I decided I was going to support the league and the American worker. Now, I have five home replica jerseys, and number 6 is on the way as I type. I’m just waiting for Seattle and St. Louis to be restocked, and I will be getting those as well. I hope they make the away jerseys available as well. They are the only American made jerseys I own- in any league and any sport. All I can say is well done, XFL! If you make it here, we will buy it!

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