Another Stupid List by John Turner

32: MIAMI DOLPHINS: They’re playing for the future here and Flores is seeing who is buying in. “The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer” -John Madden

31: WASHINGTON REDSKINS: Blew a 17 point lead, they don’t adjust, they don’t prepare, they don’t game plan. Its going to be a long 3-13 to 6-10 season for Redskins fans.

30: NEW YORK GIANTS: Eli winding down, Jones winding up. I just hope they don’t run Barkley into the dirt before they’re ready to be competetive in the NFC east again.

29: TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: In Arians they trust. How long is Winston’s leash? I imagine it’s long since Bruce is great with young QBs. They need to take better care of the football, 4 turnovers won’t win in the NFL… and we know from another coach now in Tampa what NFL stands for…;)

28: JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: Foles out and that’s bad news. Arguably a favorite before the season to win the AFC south but now likely a favorite to finish 4th.

27: CINCINNATI BENGALS: Played well missing AJ Green with a new coach to boot. Dalton played like Dalton from RoadHouse but it wasn’t enough. They’ll get better as the season progresses but I think .500 is their ceiling.

26: ARIZONA CARDINALS: Murray can play. Fitz is probably the 2nd best receiver ever and he’s got a lot left in the tank. David Johnson appears to be in 2016 form. They’ll be in a lot of games if those three stay upright.

25: INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: They didn’t phone it in after the abrupt retirement of Andrew Luck. The played tough and will continue that trend throughout the year. I like Reich, with Luck I think they win this division… without him I fear they’re third in it.

24: DENVER BRONCOS: Flacco played well for a guy who’s been up and down the past couple years… he was well… up and down. They played a very inspired team Monday night so I think a better performance would’ve still lost. Their edge rushers alone will keep them in games and hold on to leads this season.

23: NEW YORK JETS: With Darnold out for 2-4 weeks so are any hopes of the playoff. They looked good in spurts and the connection of Sam and Crowder was amazing. It’ll probably be mid season until we see what they could be now though.

22: ATLANTA FALCONS: They have got to figure out how to get going earlier in the year. No excuses, this team is the NFC of what the Chargers typically are. They have the weapons… just close the deal and get the butterflies out of their stomachs.

21: DETROIT LIONS: In Detroit fashion they tied on Week One. Patricia will have his team more disciplined against the Chargers and they’re my upset pick of the week. Stafford was great, they just need a little more from the run and to close it out.

20: CHICAGO BEARS: Hard to win scoring 3… I think the high expectations may have played a role last Thursday. Nagy needs to be better if he wants to win the NFC north and be less predictable.

19: CAROLINA PANTHERS: McCaffrey is phenomenal. Newton and Moore had a pretty good game, but both contributed a turnover. We will find out tonight if they have learned from their mistakes. If they do, barring injuries, they will be a tough out all year long.

18: CLEVELAND BROWNS: One of the bigger disappointments of Week One. Mayfield was erratic, and they looked ill prepared and sloppy all game long. Miles Garrett was a bright spot and Beckham barely took a lickin so his watch kept ticking. Time will tell if they can turn it around, or if winning the off season was good enough for them.

17: PITTSBURGH STEELERS: Very disappointing Week One. They had no answers for Brady or any of his weapons, either on the ground or in the air. They could not establish the run and every game plan they had seemed to spoken for by Bill Belichick.

16: BUFFALO BILLS: Good win against the division rival. Josh Allen looks like what they hoped he would. Brown, Beasley and Singletary provide a lot of speed. Allen coughed it up twice and he needs to temper that if they want to continue winning close games.

15: OAKLAND RAIDERS: Great Week One win for a team that was drug through the mud by an attention whore for the last week. Nobody had cold feet and everyone’s helmet seemed to fit fine. Derek Carr looked like the Derek Carr from a few years ago. Don’t look now but Mayowa provided a pretty decent pass rush as well.

14: GREEN BAY PACKERS: It’s not easy kicking off the season but Rodgers showed that his experience pays dividends in a close game. Jimmy Graham even showed up on third downs! In a game that had 10 sacks, A-Rod proved that poise and experience is greater than youth and talent.

13: SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: Seattle just seems to do just enough the win the games that they should. Clowney, fresh off a trade, picked up a sack and provided some pressure on limited time. Lockett provided a big play, which is exactly what they drafted him for. Russell, while not spectacular, was efficient and mistake free.

12: MINNESOTA VIKINGS: Cousins only threw 10 passes but completed 8 and that was enough. The front 7 applied adequate pressure sacking Ryan 4 times and Harris added 2 picks.

11: SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: Jimmy G didn’t lite it up nor give it away. Bosa had a sack and three hits on the quarterback. Sherman scored on a pick 6 that was his first since ’17. Kittle is arguably a top three TE.

10: TENNESSEE TITANS: Henry and Walker are on the brute squad. Cam Wake is a perfect addition to the team. Mariota so far so good.

9: LOS ANGELAS RAMS: Gurley splitting time and Goff spreading the love around. I feel the same about the Rams as I do the Chiefs. Also McVay is the most attractive coach in the NFL hands down.

8: HOUSTON TEXANS: They can move the ball can’t they? They should be in a horse race for the division all year. with future picks gone they’re playing for the short window.

7: PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: Peterson is a very good coach. Wentz stayed upright and the team hung in long enough to gain and keep momentum down 17 early.

6: LOS ANGELES CHARGERS: No Gordon, no problem. Ekeler and Jackson had 200 yards from scrimmage. Allen and Bosa played the whole game and have yet to show up on the injury report.

5: BALTIMORE RAVENS: Hard not to get excited about what Jackson did to the Dolphins Sunday. Just wonder how much was them and how much was Miami.

4: NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: Drew Brees late just felt as inevitable as Thanos. Kamara and Thomas appear to just be molded for the offense. Can they be out scored?

3: DALLAS COWBOYS: All systems go. Jerry and friends look poised for a big run with everyone healthy and core players extended minus Dak and Cooper.

2: KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: Andy Reid will have this team playing lights out until mid January.

1: NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: Belichick prepares better than any coach there is. Tom Brady is Tom Brady.

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