8 Men In: Marc Trestman

A glimpse of the coaching styles of the Head Coaches of the XFL

-John Turner

CFL South

Trestman will probably have a veteran game manager Quarterback with a strong arm who can throw the deep ball and medium distances with velocity. Will likely pass 2/3 of the time over all.

He will use a ton of pre-snap motion and misdirection, more than any team in the league I’d bet.

Running Backs will run lots of wheel routes and catch balls out in the flat. They are almost always dual threats.

He uses an up-tempo style and puts up a lot of yards. I’d venture to say we should expect a lot of packages containing 3 receivers and 2 backs, 4 receivers and 1 back, 2 receivers, a tight, end and 2 backs, and “11 Personnel” (3 receivers, a tight end and 2 backs).

Here is a breakdown of this type of lineup:

Quarterbacks tend to have their best seasons under him:

1984 Miami Dolphins (QB Coach) 

Dan Marino had 5000+ Passing Yards and 48 Touchdowns

3 Running backs with 500+ Rushing Yards with one going over 500 Receiving Yards

“The Marks Brothers” caught for 1300 yards each, reaching the end zone for a total of 26 times through the air.

1996 San Francisco 49ers (OC/QB Coach) 

Steve Young (9-3) and Elvis Grbac (3-1) split time, going for a total of 3600+ Passing Yards 

Terry Kirby added over 1000 total yards at almost a 55/45 split between Rushing and Receiving Yards

Jerry Rice was Jerry Rice and they had this rookie named Terrell Owens on the other side of the field.

1997 Detroit Lions (QB Coach) 

Scott Mitchell had almost 3500 Passing Yards

Barry Sanders had over 2050 Rushing Yards, and 33 catches for over 300 Yards and 14 Touchdowns.

Johnny Morton and Herman Moore both caught for over 1000 Yards, adding another 14 Touchdowns

2002 Oakland Raiders (OC/QB Coach) 

Rich Gannon had over 4600 Passing Yards

Charlie Garner had over 1900 yards with an almost 50/50 split on Passing and Receiving Yards

Jerry Rice, Tim Brown and Jerry Porter had over 2800 Receiving Yards and 18 Touchdowns between them.

2010 Montreal Alouettes (Head Coach) Grey Cup Champs

Anthony Calvillo 4800+ passing yards

4 Wide Receivers with over 700 Receiving Yards 

2 Running Backs with over 500 Receiving Yards

Here is that Grey Cup Rematch if you are interested in seeing these guys in action:

2013 Chicago Bears (Head Coach)

Jay Cutler and Josh McCown went over 4400 yards and 31 passing touchdowns

Matt Forte had over 1300 on the ground and added 600 yards receiving and 12 total touchdowns

Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall caught for over 2700 yards and 19 touchdowns between them. Martellus Bennett added another 750 yards.

The 4 of them had over 320 of the team’s 373 catches on the year.

2017 Toronto Argonauts (Head Coach) Grey Cup Champs

Ricky Ray had over 5500 Passing Yards with 28 Passing Touchdowns

James Wilder Jr. (Rookie of the Year) had almost 900 Rushing Yards and 500 Receiving Yards

Green, Edwards, and Posey had over 3000 yards and 21 touchdowns between them

Current Players who fit the mold and could potentially end up in the XFL in Tampa for Coach Marc Trestman:

James Wilder Jr

Micah Awe

Chris Rainey

SJ Green

Ryan Mallett

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